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CONPLAN 8888: Counter Zombie Dominance Operations

In a world brimming with unexpected challenges, being ready for the unknown is important. The army thinks so too. Besides, does the army plan for each situation, even seemingly fictitious ones? An intriguing doc, CONPLAN 8888, obtainable on the U.S. Strategic Command’s web site, piques the curiosity of these all in favour of considering unexpected threats. The doc is just not your typical governmental plan, in that it explores a technique to counter a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Although maybe on the extra fantastical aspect of preparedness, the doc reveals critical insights into how protection methods are conceptualized. It additionally subtly underscores the significance of readiness in opposition to unanticipated threats.

DISCLAIMER: Though fictitious, this text incorporates movies and pictures that viewers could discover disturbing.

What Is CONPLAN 8888?

Whereas reviewing Idea of Operations Plan (CONPLAN) 8888, a sequence of notable factors emerge. The narrative begins by setting the stage for a fictitious zombie apocalypse, portray varied eventualities of zombie-human interactions. The doc extensively covers the operational ideas, duties, and coordinating directions to sort out such an inconceivable menace. It melds humor with critical undertones of strategizing in opposition to unexpected threats, making it an intriguing learn for anybody vested in emergency preparedness.

A number of zombie variants are mentioned in CONPLAN 8888, and though they’re fictitious in nature, it might be argued that there are real-world parallels. Pathogen bearing zombies will certainly resonate with humanities current collective expertise with pandemics, and irradiated zombies with ring a bell with these coping with catastrophe aftermath in locations like Chernobyl or Fukushima. Nevertheless, if you happen to thought the one kinds of zombies that can emerge would be the “quick” or “sluggish” varieties, you’d be mistaken. CONPLAN 8888 is so thorough, it identifies quite a few zombie threats and, what humanity is perhaps up in opposition to.

AI generated photo of generals planning.

Above: AI depiction of army generals planning the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Risk Abstract

The next zombie threats are taken immediately from CONPLAN 8888:

  • Pathogenic Zombies (PZ): PZ’s are zombie life kinds created after an organism is contaminated by a virus or micro organism or another type of contagion.

AI generated photo of a pathogenic zombie.

Above: AI generated depiction of a pathogenic zombie.

  • Radiation Zombies (RZ): RZ’s are zombie life kinds created after an organism is contaminated by a excessive dosage of electromagnetic and/or particle radiation.

AI generated image of a radiation zombie.

Above: AI depiction of a radiation zombie.

  • Evil Magic Zombies (EMZ): EMZ’s are zombie life kinds created through some type of occult experimentation in what would possibly in any other case be known as “evil magic”.

Ai generated photo of an evil magic zombie.

Above: AI depiction of an evil magic zombie.

  • House Zombies (SZ): SZ’s are zombie life kinds originating from house or created by poisonous contamination of the earth surroundings through some type of extra-terrestrial toxin or radiation.

AI depiction of a space zombie as identified in CONPLAN 8888.

Above: AI depiction of an area zombie.

  • Weaponized Zombies (WZ): WZ’s are zombie life kinds intentionally created vta bio/bio-mechanical engineering for the aim of being employed as weapons.

AI generated photo of a weaponized zombie.

Above: AI depiction of a weaponized zombie.

  • Symbiant-Induced Zombies (SIZ): SIZ’s are zombie life kinds originating from the introduction of a symbiant life kind into an in any other case wholesome host Though the signs of symbiant zombieism is comparable in most regards to pathogenic zombeism, the symbiant doesn’t kill the host organism rapidly, or in any respect.

AI generated photo of a symbiotic zombie as described in CONPLAN 8888.

Above: AI depiction of a symbiant-induced zombie.

  • Vegetarian Zombies (VZ): VZ’s are zombie life kinds originating from any trigger however pose no direct menace to people as a result of they solely eat vegetation.

AI generated photo of a vegetarian zombie.

Above: AI depiction of a vegetarian zombie.

  • Rooster Zombies (CZ): Though it sounds ridiculous, that is truly the one confirmed class of zombie that really exists.

AI generated photo of a chicken zombie.

Above: AI depiction of a hen zombie.

Potential Army Actions

Within the occasion of a zombie incursion, CONPLAN 8888 suggests a number of phases for world governments and militaries to implement. The part descriptions inside the plan are imprecise, however his permits for army planners to adapt to a zombie menace in an agile means. There are six phases in complete, (Section 0 via Section 5), and every part recommendations each offensive and defensive actions, in addition to contingencies for civil authorities. On a be aware unrelated to the subject of surviving a zombie apocalypse, this sort of planning mirrors how army strategists take care of actual world eventualities, and you could discover similarities to how threats and conflicts are dealt with on a worldwide scale even at present.

  • Section 0: Form
    Offense – Conduct regular fight operations coaching. Guarantee forces conduct annual Hazardous Supplies (HAZMAT) and Continuity Of Operations (COOP) coaching.
    Protection – Conduct basic zombie consciousness coaching. Guarantee readiness of Chemical, Organic, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) gear. Monitor vectors of zombie contamination for elevated menace.
    Assist to Civil Authorities – Kind Joint Interagency Contingency Group (JIACG), to make sure contingency plans are synchronized with different federal, state and tribal businesses.
  • Section 1: Deter
    Offense – Conduct massive scale coaching to show skill to decisively goal and negate zombie-creating pathogens, toxins or related capabilities developed by nations states, or massive companies to terrorist/felony teams.
    Protection – Zombies can’t be deterred themselves. Conduct massive scale coaching to show skill to outlive and function in a poisonous/contaminated surroundings to be able to deter nations states from pursuing growth or deployment of zombies. Creating pathogens, toxins or related capabilities developed by nations states, or massive companies to terrorist/felony teams.
    Assist to Civil Authorities – As approved by the President of america (POTUS) and the Secretary of Protection (SECDEF), provoke intelligence sharing and supply technical advisory providers to federal, state and tribal businesses. Present Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) help to the Division of Homeland Safety (DHS) to determine and curtail migration of lifeforms and//or poisonous supplies from areas the place zombie-related illness vectors originate.

AI generated photo of a military fighting a zombie horde in a city.

Above: AI depiction of the army combating the zombie horde in an city middle.

  • Section 2: Seize Initiative
    Offense – If vital, start restricted scale army operations to negate zombie menace.
    Protection – Recall all personnel to obligation stations. Start fortification of all working places and provoke distribution of CBRNE safety gear. Activate COOP Plans. Place deployable command and management capabilities on alert.
    Assist to Civil Authorities – On order kind POTUS or SECDEF, present safety to civilian areas, evacuation zones, and help different federal, state, and tribal businesses with the surveillance of and enforcement of quarantine areas.
  • Section 3: Dominate
    Offense – Subject orders for defensive forces to kill all non-human life on sight. Provoke bomber and missile strikes in opposition to focused sources of zombie an infection, and zombie assist infrastructure utilizing all obtainable forces. Guarantee all zombie corpses are immolated.
    Protection – Lock down all working places for 30 days. Assume Mission Oriented Protecting Posture (MOPP) 2 inside all work stations and direct MOPP-4 for all personnel who enterprise exterior fortified positions.
    Assist to Civil Authorities – Be ready to take part in “render-safe” operations inside the Continental United States (CONUS), U.S. territories, or different overseas territories as directed by POTUS and SECDEF.
  • Section 4: Stabilize
    Offense – Goal all predominant physique and maintain out vectors of zombie affect and contagion utilizing all avaliable army capabilities. Proceed all actions from earlier part
    Protection – Deploy recon groups after D+30 to determine basic security of surroundings close to places for human habitation. Execute a counter-zombie ISR plan to determine holdout pockets of zombie resistance.
    Assist to Civil Authorities – Present assist to follow-on “render-safe” operations in areas contaminated by zombie-inducing pathogens, toxins, magic, or different malign affect as directed by POTUS and SECDEF.
  • Section 5: Restore Civil Authority
    Offense – Reconstitute fight capabilities at Offutt, Whiteman Airforce Base’s, Vanderberg House Power Base and Ft. Meade. Put together to redeploy the forces to assault surviving zombie holdouts.
    Protection – N/A
    Assist to Civil Authorities – As directed by POTUS and SECDEF, present assist to federal, state, and tribal businesses efforts to revive fundamental providers in zombie-related catastrophe areas.

Assumptions and Fallacies

CONPLAN 8888 goes on to record what the planners believed are going to be the situations below which the zombies shall be affected. Some embody the truth that the menace will develop bigger with every human dying, since their physique shall be included into the zombie hoard. Planners additionally acknowledge that provide strains and sources might be inhibited. They even had the foresight to acknowledge, that some zombies, such because the EMZ’s, is probably not destroyed by fireplace (the prefered methodology to fully eradicate the menace.

There are a couple of evident oversights in these assumptions, together with the character of viruses. Some viruses have lengthy incubation durations. Signs of malaria can manifest so long as 30 days after being contaminated. If humanity needed to face off in opposition to a PZ menace, large swaths of the inhabitants might rapidly change into contaminated with out anybody figuring out earlier than it is too late. On this case, pre-emptive identification of the pathogen can be essential if the human race needed survive.

AI generated photo of a battle between zombie hordes and an overwhelmed military.

Above: AI depiction of an aerial view of a zombie vs. army battle.

Utilizing kinetic operations in opposition to zombies may additionally be a poor alternative. If natural matter was dispersed with munitions, or incinerated fall-out from destroying zombie corpses was unfold on atmospheric currents, that in itself might have disastrous unintended penalties. Then there are infinite unknowns of what capabilities house zombies or EMZ’s.


Analyzing CONPLAN 8888 nearer unveils a broader theme – the crucial of imaginative considering within the realm of protection and survival methods. The whimsy of the plan satirically aligns with the present wave of curiosity in dystopian eventualities, fueled additional by the worldwide pandemic. The doc, although created pre-pandemic, resonates with the modern-day emphasis on preparedness in opposition to novel and sudden threats. Whereas zombies stay confined to fiction, the train displays the army’s creativity in devising plans for any contingency, irrespective of how weird. CONPLAN 8888 not-so-subtly imparts a lesson in considering exterior typical frameworks when devising survival methods, a tenet essential in at present’s unpredictable world.


  • Q: What’s the Conop 8888 plan?
    A: CONPLAN 8888, also referred to as Counter-Zombie Dominance, is a U.S. Division of Protection Strategic Command CONOP doc that describes a plan for america and its army defending in opposition to zombies.
  • Q: What are the probabilities of a zombie outbreak?
    A: The opportunity of a human zombie pandemic is extraordinarily unlikely however, as stated by the CDC, it all the time pays to be ready.
  • Q: Will zombies are available in future?
    They’re fictional, like werewolves and vampires, so one mustn’t fear a couple of zombie apocalypse. Marc Lawrence, an writer, stated “there may be zero chance of a zombie apocalypse as a result of necrosis.” Corpses would rot away inside a couple of weeks, if not sooner.

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