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11 Desiccant Alternate options That Could Work Simply as Effectively

Have you learnt what desiccant packs are? You already know these little packets stuffed with beads which might be labeled “Don’t eat”? Those that are available in your entire electronics and sure meals packages? That’s them.

These packs have an vital perform: they take in moisture from the air round them. Moisture that causes corrosion, spoilage, and different issues.

Until you reside within the driest place possible, moisture can all the time be your enemy when storing something long-term, and even for the quick time period. That’s why sensible preppers use these desiccant packs liberally when storing meals, papers, electronics, instruments, weapons, and extra.

However the prices of shopping for them can add up over time, and when provide strains are dodgy you may not have the ability to get them in any respect. That’s when it pays to know the right way to make your individual from different widespread supplies.

On this article, I’ll be telling you about 11 desiccant options that may do the job as the real article.

How Do You Use These Supplies?

Utilizing real desiccant packs is straightforward, however how do you utilize these supplies? It is dependent upon the kind of materials.

Sure issues which might be coarse and chunky you possibly can load into fabric sachets of your individual and even use one thing like an previous sock that’s nonetheless in good condition.

For different supplies, significantly extremely reactive ones or ones which might be liable to leaking when saturated, placing them inside a plastic or glass jar that has a collection of holes both poked within the jar itself or within the lid is your finest guess.

You may want to make use of a bit creativity in order that your chosen media can do its job of absorbing moisture with out endangering the encompassing space or making a multitude. I’ll handle that merchandise by merchandise within the corresponding sections, no worries…

white rice in plastic packaging
white rice in plastic packaging


Right here’s an old-school trick that you just might need recognized already. Rice tends to be fairly absorbent, and it’s actually accessible all over the place and intensely low-cost.

Have you ever ever heard about individuals rescuing a cellphone or different system that acquired dropped in water by masking it in a bowl of rice? It will possibly truly work generally!

Rice can do the job in a small house, however take into account it absorbs water pretty slowly, and it’ll flip mushy and mould over time. Due to that, it’s not a good selection for chronically humid or damp environments.

One other downside is that it’s extremely liable to attracting rodents and bugs! Wherever it’s stashed, make certain these critters can’t get to it otherwise you might need larger issues.

table salt in bowl in a box and in salt shaker
desk salt in bowl in a field and in salt shaker


Salt is one other time-honored technique for absorbing moisture, and one thing so simple as a giant bowl of salt may cope with dampness and humidity. It has a excessive capability and absorbs water in a short time due to its reactivity. Like rice, it is usually ubiquitous and really, very low-cost.

Because it absorbs water, salt will begin to clump up into rock-like formations, and this will scale back the effectivity of the salt trapped inside or beneath, so periodically shaking or breaking it up helps.

Additionally, as soon as salt reaches most capability it is going to begin to flip right into a runny slurry, so keep on high of fixing it out or maintain it in a water-resistant container.

baking soda in bowl on kitchen counter
baking soda in bowl on kitchen counter

Baking Soda

You already know that baking soda is helpful for absorbing and neutralizing undesirable odors, but it surely additionally does a reasonably good job of coping with excessive humidity and dampness.

However make no mistake: baking soda works so much higher in opposition to odor than it does in opposition to moisture. You should use it, and it’ll work, however don’t count on nice issues from it for those who’re coping with critical dampness or a continuously moist location.

The excellent news is that it’s straightforward to deal with, protected, and really, very low-cost so there’s no cause you possibly can’t put it to make use of if you have already got it available.


One other pantry staple, cornstarch is extra generally used within the kitchen for numerous recipes and as a thickening agent. That mentioned, it is going to take in moisture and switch gummy, though it doesn’t actually lock it into place like a few of the different supplies on our checklist.

Regardless of this, it’s a low-cost, fully protected, and expedient choice.

I’ve used cornstarch myself to maintain a toolbox stuffed with instruments saved in an outside shed from getting all rusty. Saved in a water-resistant plastic or glass bowl with a lid, it could do an okay job in a confined house.

However take a tip from me and keep on high of fixing it out frequently otherwise you’ll have a multitude to cope with.

jar of activated charcoal
jar of activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal

One other famously efficient odor absorber, and a fabric that’s recognized for its purifying and detoxifying properties, activated charcoal is mainly charcoal that has been processed in a option to maximize its floor space, which means it could maintain extra of something it comes into contact with and lock it down.

These things works beautifully for coping with musty, nasty odors and it’s additionally surprisingly good at taming moisture and dampness. Nonetheless, this is without doubt one of the most costly objects on our checklist and one thing you can’t get in bulk from simply anyplace.

In the event you’re going to go this route, you may as effectively get real desiccant packs except you have already got plenty of it available. In the event you do, attempt to put it in a large, low-covered container to maximise the floor space uncovered to the encompassing ambiance.

Leaving it open or placing it in a fabric container is simply going to make an enormous mess in time due to its dustiness.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a fantastically efficient materials for combating moisture and even decreasing ambient humidity ranges considerably. To be used inside a humid room, closet, storage, or different construction, it really works very effectively.

However, you must use it cautiously and thoroughly. For starters, it is going to readily and quickly suck moisture out of your pores and skin and may trigger burns. It’s additionally actually tough on mucous membranes.

As soon as it’s overloaded, it is going to readily launch the absorbed moisture which could irritate the issue you’re attempting to unravel. It additionally tends to corrode metals that it’s in touch with, which means correct containment is extra vital than different supplies we’ve talked about to this point.

When you’ve got a critical moisture downside that’s endangering sufficient of your gear or supplies, it may be a great software so long as you are taking acceptable precautions…


An excellent one-and-done improvised answer for moisture management is simply to make use of a powdered cement combine. In high-humidity areas or damp places, it is going to steadily take in moisture and begin to harden within the course of.

The apparent draw back is that as soon as it hardens it’s no good as a DIY desiccant anymore and also you’ll have to interchange it. I hope it’s additionally apparent that cement could be very damaging to no matter it’s in touch with when it hardens.

Preserve it securely contained in case you are utilizing it for this objective or don’t even strive!

Diatomaceous Earth

A prepper’s finest pal, diatomaceous earth or DE has many makes use of across the residence, backyard, and barnyard. It really works splendidly as a pure insecticide, de-lousing agent, soil modification, and extra, and it additionally occurs to be very absorbent.

Constructed from the crushed and powdered shells of historic, tiny aquatic creatures referred to as diatoms, it’s much like activated charcoal in the way it works: the craggy particular person particles have an especially excessive floor space that may lock away moisture.

All in all, it really works fairly effectively, but it surely tends to be dusty and so it is advisable include it correctly. I desire to maintain it in a glass jar with holes poked within the lid.

Additionally, ensure you get food-grade DE! You don’t need the pool-grade stuff: pool-grade DE comprises silica which could be a critical inhalation hazard, so that you don’t wish to danger it.


Quicklime, also referred to as calcium oxide, is outstandingly water-absorbent and nice at taming each humidity and latent moisture.

Sadly, it’s sort of a cope with the satan: these things is unbelievably reactive and it generates warmth because it absorbs moisture. It generates sufficient warmth to doubtlessly ignite flammable supplies or burst closed containers.

Worse, it’s extremely caustic and may simply burn your pores and skin. Correct dealing with and protecting tools are a should for those who’re going to work with these things, and due to these dangers, it’s simply not value it for something however essentially the most extreme moisture issues.

Even then, for those who can’t management in opposition to the danger of a potential hearth, you’ll be buying and selling out one catastrophe for one more.

I’ll go away the choice as much as you, however for those who resolve to present it a strive you should account for all eventualities when dealing with and inserting it!

Montmorillonite Clay

A particularly porous sort of pure clay present in France, as soon as dried and calcinated this materials can take in as much as 25% of its whole weight in water. Not dangerous in any respect!

Better of all, you possibly can reuse Montmorillonite clay by gently heating it to dry it out, however as soon as it’s heated an excessive amount of or at too excessive a temperature, it is going to harden and cease absorbing water. It’s efficient, pure, and protected to deal with however costly for this objective.

Bentonite Clay

When you’ve got a cat, bentonite clay may be ringing a bell proper now. In the event you ever learn the substances checklist on a bag of kitty litter, you in all probability seen it!

Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring sort of clay mined from Wyoming, and as anticipated, is famend for its absorptive qualities. Apart from kitty litter, it’s utilized in many different industries as a devoted moisture management agent.

This is without doubt one of the finest choices to make use of in a sock or different fabric container as a result of it locks moisture in tightly and gained’t leak. This may make it a flexible choice for storing in closed containers or different small areas.

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