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16 SHTF Makes use of For Crisco That You By no means Thought Of

Crisco isn’t just for making the proper piece crust anymore – no less than not if you’re a prepper. There are copious quantities of survival makes use of for this shelf-stable that for much too lengthy has been thought of merely a baking staple.

Crystalized cottonseed oil – or Crisco, was invented as a lard substitute in cleaning soap making by Procter and Gamble over 100 years in the past. It’s constituted of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in addition to fibers and fat which can be processed right into a strong. Whereas cottonseed oil was used when the Crisco recipe was created in 1911, soybean oil and palm oils are sometimes utilized in our fashionable occasions.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils, fibers, and fat liquify at room temperature after which return to a strong. This course of makes the saturated fat rather more shelf-stable as a result of unsaturated oils or fat have a tendency to show rancid extraordinarily simply.

An unopened tub of Crisco is beneficial to be used as much as two years, in keeping with the producer.

High 16 Crisco Survival Makes use of

Egg Preservation

16 Survival Uses For Crisco That You Never Thought Of

Our geese and chickens lay extra eggs than we will eat or I’ve the time to dehydrate, throughout any given week. To ensure we don’t waste a single egg and maintain lots stockpiled for consumption throughout an SHTF occasion, I exploit Crisco to protect them.

The bloom on the eggs left by the hen that laid them will prolong their shelf life, however not so long as a coating of Crisco will. Wash the eggs and pat them dry. As soon as the eggs are completely dry, gently rub Crisco everywhere in the eggs and place them in an egg carton. Retailer the eggs in a cool dry place, like a storage or basement and they need to maintain for about 9 months.

Conduct the old school float or sink egg check to ensure the eggs are nonetheless doubtless secure to eat earlier than consuming. In case you are unfamiliar with the outdated homesteading egg check, merely place sufficient chilly water in a bowl to cowl the eggs by about two inches. If the eggs float, they don’t seem to be fit for human consumption. In the event that they sink, the eggs ought to be fit for human consumption. Ought to the egg arise within the water however stay largely submerged, the egg should still be secure to make use of for a short time longer.

Chapped Pores and skin

Hold some shelf-stable in your bugout bag, get me dwelling bag, or INCH bag to take care of sore chapped pores and skin. Rub just a bit Crisco in your chapped lips, fingers, or one other physique half that was overly uncovered to the weather and let the soothing start.

Coping with chapped pores and skin would possibly sound like a minor downside, however that may all change rapidly throughout a long-term catastrophe. If catastrophe strikes throughout the winter or a dry summer season heatwave, your pores and skin may be subjected to intense dryness and chapping – particularly throughout a bugout or lengthy trek dwelling to achieve security. Not solely will the chapping really feel horrible, all the little tears within the pores and skin it causes can open the door for germs and micro organism to simply get inside your physique. A tiny lower that might in any other case be no large deal throughout “regular” occasions can grow to be lethal throughout an SHTF occasion the place you’re compelled to grow to be your individual physician.

Lamp Oil

Soften the Crisco so it liquifies – or simply set it out at room for a short time. Pour it into your emergency lamps to make use of as lamp oil to supply gentle on your dwelling or to make clear a path you’re strolling. Shortening, the widespread nickname for Crisco, boasts the next smoke level that both margarine or butter – that means it’s much less flammable.

Survival Torch

Lather some liquified Crisco onto a rag and make a torch to outside lighting. Sometimes, it takes about two or three minutes of soaking the rag within the hydrogenated vegetable oil compound to saturate it sufficient to make a torch that may keep gentle for an honest period of time.

16 Survival Uses For Crisco That You Never Thought Of

Survival Candle

Merely place a store-bought or home made wick into a bath of Crisco and lightweight it to make an instantaneous emergency candle.

Relying upon the dimensions of the bathtub, the candle ought to burn for a number of hours as much as 45 days.

Snow Shovel Helper

Grease up either side of a snow shovel to assist reduce your load when shifting snow or ice out of your path. Even throughout a long-term catastrophe, shoveling the walks is a chore that won’t go away. Having the ability to get outdoor to assemble wooden for the fireplace that’s heating the home, hunt, go ice fishing, and to get to the outhouse that needed to be constructed as soon as society went pear-shaped.

Diaper Rash

If there are wee ones in your survival tribe – or are more likely to come alongside throughout the years of an apocalyptic occasion, Crisco goes to turn out to be useful on almost a day by day foundation. Merely rub slightly little bit of the shortening on the child’s backside to alleviate the redness and ache related to diaper rash.

Mechanical Helper

Have a bit of apparatus in your survival homestead or round the home that’s caught or making far more noise than your OP/SEC plan permits? Lubricate the squeaky half or door hinge with Crisco – it makes an excellent low-cost and pure WD40 substitute.

Solid Iron Seasoner

16 Survival Uses For Crisco That You Never Thought Of

Like many survival homesteaders, I exploit my trusty forged iron cookware each inside and outside repeatedly. However, even for those who forged iron skillets and pots are reserved for tenting or prepper coaching weekends, they may doubtless get conscripted into full-time use throughout a long-term catastrophe.

Grease the forged iron cookware each inside and outside to stop rust and to season the sturdy cooking instruments after every use.

Headlight Brightener

In case you are bugging out or merely making an attempt to get round throughout the SHTF occasion or rebuilding years that may comply with such an epic nationwide catastrophe, your automobile’s headlights will be the solely gentle on or across the street. Having the ability to see clearly in inclement climate will show you how to get the place you plan with out wrecking.

Clear the headlights with Crisco to take away bugs and particles and to stop snow and ice from build up on them. This shall be an particularly useful instrument to maintain in your automobile’s emergency equipment if you have to dim the headlights with mud for security and safety causes throughout a part of the journey however want them cleared to have the ability to stay on the street or path later.

Calorie Enhancer

Holding sturdy and wholesome throughout a long-term catastrophe will certainly enhance your possibilities of survival. When meals is scarce, calorie consumption will drop and that may weaken the physique – at a time when guide labor and bodily exhaustion are peaked.

Add a teaspoon or so of Crisco to any meals you’re consuming to bolster your calorie consumption and forestall power loss.


Holding a hearth going can forestall frostbite, hypothermia, permit the flexibility to purify water, cook dinner, and sterilize medical instruments. When constructing a hearth outdoor throughout the rain or with damp kindling, slather some Crisco onto the tinder to assist it gentle extra rapidly and maintain the rising flame.

Rust Safety

Defend your important instruments from rust by coating them with a layer of Crisco. The barrier will assist forestall water, moisture, and humidity from reaching the end and deteriorating it.

Cleaning soap Making

16 Survival Uses For Crisco That You Never Thought Of

Make cleaning soap by mixing both strong or liquid Crisco with water and lye to create a slushy sort consistency – including in any herbs or important oils you select.

Permit the chilly pressed cleaning soap to harden utterly earlier than eradicating it from the mildew. It’s best to let the cleaning soap age for a month or two earlier than utilizing it.

Bear in mind, lye is very harmful if it will get onto your pores and skin, in your eyes, or is inhaled with out being in a correctly ventilated space. All the time work with lye whereas sporting protecting gloves, and eyewear in an out of doors house.


Crisco can be utilized as a provider oil when making pure treatment infusions from the crops and herbs rising in your survival apothecary – or those you might have preserved.

Wooden Slicing Board and Kitchen Utensils Preserver

Hold your wooden chopping board, picket spoons, rolling pins, and different guide kitchen provides made out of hardwood in correct working order by coating them with Crisco and permitting it to seep into the wooden in a single day. Rub the Crisco away with a dry clear material within the morning. Woodcutting boards, utensils, and bowls which can be allowed to grow to be too damp is not going to solely have a shortened life span, however allow micro organism to seep deeper inside and permit it to breed and finally create a hotbed for illness.

Crisco would possibly simply be some of the versatile and shelf-stable preps in your survival stockpile. Though the producer’s label signifies Crisco is simply secure to be used for twenty-four months from the date stamped on the can, that doesn’t essentially imply it can’t be used for almost all of the preparedness tips about this listing.

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