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Are Tasers Authorized in California? What You Ought to Know

In terms of self protection instruments, tasers are one of the crucial misunderstood. Tasers occupy an odd kind of area of interest between one thing much less dangerous like pepper spray, and one thing extraordinarily dangerous like a firearm.

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Used appropriately, a taser can provide you an exquisite ranged choice in opposition to attackers, and one which’s unlikely to trigger severe lasting hurt.

Tasers are authorized in most states, however they’re not authorized in each state. Let’s take a look at California: are tasers authorized in California?

Sure, tasers are authorized in California. Tasers could be bought, possessed, and carried for self-defense within the state of California as long as you aren’t a felon or drug addict and 16 years previous or older.

In comparison with a few of the really heinous weapons legal guidelines in California, tasers are surprisingly easy to acquire and carry.

It’s even attainable to hold a taser for those who’re below the age of 18! However, as you would possibly anticipate, California nonetheless has a great deal of legal guidelines that may apply to those units and to you for those who carry one. If you wish to know what they’re, hold studying.

How are Tasers Categorized in California?

Tasers are broadly categorized as “less-lethal weapons” below California regulation, that means any system that’s designed to expel less-lethal ammunition that may incapacitate, immobilize, or stun an individual by way of less-than-lethal means.

Tasers, being kind of dart-firing stun weapons that depend on compressed fuel and a strong however non-lethal electrical cost for this operate, actually match the invoice.

Try each definitions within the related part beneath…


(a) “Much less deadly weapon” means any system that’s designed to or that has been transformed to expel or propel much less deadly ammunition by any motion, mechanism, or course of for the aim of incapacitating, immobilizing, or gorgeous a human being by way of the infliction of any lower than deadly impairment of bodily situation, operate, or senses, together with bodily ache or discomfort. It isn’t mandatory {that a} weapon depart any lasting or everlasting incapacitation, discomfort, ache, or different harm or incapacity in an effort to qualify as a much less deadly weapon.

(b) Much less deadly weapon consists of the body or receiver of any weapon described in subdivision (a), however doesn’t embrace any of the next except the half or weapon has been transformed as described in subdivision (a):

Are Stun Weapons Authorized in California?

Sure, they’re. Stun weapons are a definite system from tasers, and depend on shut bodily contact with the electrodes on the system to inflict a painful electrical cost.

The phrases are sometimes used interchangeably in regular dialog, however in California they’ve two totally different however overlapping authorized definitions.

The definition for “stun gun” pops up in 244.5 below Title 8 Chapter 9 of the California penal code.

A stun gun is outlined as any merchandise, besides a much less deadly weapon, that’s used or meant in an offensive or defensive capability able to quickly immobilizing an individual by the infliction of {an electrical} cost.

See the related part beneath…

Assault and Battery Part 244.5.

244.5. (a) As used on this part, “stun gun” means any merchandise, besides a much less deadly weapon, as outlined in Part 16780, used or meant for use as both an offensive or defensive weapon that’s able to quickly immobilizing an individual by the infliction of {an electrical} cost.

Can You Carry a Taser Brazenly?

Sure, you possibly can. Tasers will not be firearms and as such don’t fall below the various legal guidelines in opposition to open carrying firearms in California.

Can You Carry a Taser Hid?

Sure, you possibly can. Assuming that you just’re legally allowed to be in possession of the taser you possibly can carry a hid on or about your particular person with out the good thing about a hid weapons allow.

Simply bear in mind, you can’t take it in all places with out fear! Extra on that in a minute…

Are there Age Restrictions on Taser Possession or Possession in California?

Sure. Usually, one must be not less than 18 years previous to buy and possess a taser in California.

It’s utterly authorized for an individual that’s 16 or 17 years previous to be in possession of a taser, and even purchase one, as long as they’ve written permission from their dad and mom of their possession always.

What Do You Have to Do to Buy One?

If you wish to buy a taser in California you’ll must get hold of one from a certified seller.

Usually, this shall be a spot that sells firearms; you also needs to notice that California has a number of necessities for sellers that promote these units.

To legally purchase and possess a taser, you can’t be hooked on any narcotics, you can’t have a felony prison document, or have been convicted of any crime involving assault anyplace in america.

Be sure you take a look at the related statute beneath.

STUN GUN Part 22610.

However another provision of regulation, any particular person might buy, possess, or use a stun gun, topic to the next necessities:

(a) No particular person convicted of a felony or any crime involving an assault below the legal guidelines of america, the State of California, or another state, authorities, or nation, or convicted of misuse of a stun gun below Part 244.5, shall buy, possess, or use any stun gun.

(b) No particular person hooked on any narcotic drug shall buy, possess, or use a stun gun.

(c) (1) No particular person shall promote or furnish any stun gun to a minor except the minor is not less than 16 years of age and has the written consent of the minor’s dad or mum or authorized guardian.

(2) Violation of this subdivision shall be a public offense punishable by a fifty-dollar ($50) effective for the primary offense. Any subsequent violation of this subdivision is a misdemeanor.

(d) No minor shall possess any stun gun except the minor is not less than 16 years of age and has the written consent of the minor’s dad or mum or authorized guardian.

Is Coaching Obligatory for Taser Possession in California?

No. Coaching will not be necessary to buy, personal or carry a taser in California.

The place Can You Carry a Taser in California?

You’ll be able to carry a taser anyplace that you’re legally, lawfully allowed to. In California, there are fairly a number of locations the place you possibly can’t, sadly.

Broadly, you’ll should keep away from carrying your taser, brazenly or hid, and any metropolis, county, state, or federal authorities buildings or places of work, or different authorities installations together with navy bases, in any faculty or on any faculty property, and that features any conveyance like a bus that’s owned and operated by the college, at any assembly the place the regulation requires public attendance, and in any secured space of any airport.

When Can You Use a Taser to Defend Your self?

You’ll be able to solely ever use your taser to guard your self from a reputable risk of nice harm or dying.

You have to by no means use your taser as a joke, to win an argument or as a result of somebody insulted you. These items aren’t toys!

A taser is correctly categorized as a less-lethal weapon, not as a less-than-lethal weapon; a categorization California regulation is sort of appropriate on, although the less-than-lethal verbiage pops up within the textual content of the part.

It’s attainable {that a} taser might inflict lasting hurt on somebody in the event that they have already got a medical situation or compromised well being or in the event that they’re below the affect of medication or alcohol.

It isn’t utterly out of the query that your taser might set somebody on fireplace!

Likewise, somebody who’s immobilized by a taser might fall down uncontrolled and crack their head.

That’s too unhealthy for them in the event that they had been legitimately attacking you, however it’s too unhealthy for you if that occurs since you are goofing off with these highly effective units!

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