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Are they Toxic? Or Harmful?

If there’s one factor you typically don’t need to encounter when out and about within the wilderness, it’s a big and menacing snake.

red bellied black snake
red-bellied black snake

Be it a monstrous 6-foot rattlesnake or an much more colossal python, these primordial serpents are the stuff of nightmares for many individuals.

Nonetheless, most snakes merely don’t get that huge, and the overwhelming majority are a lot smaller.

Some are downright tiny, just like the pink stomach snake. These snakes are so small and elusive it’s straightforward to overlook them fully. However that begs one other severe query: are pink stomach snakes venomous, and are they harmful to individuals?

No, pink stomach snakes are non-venomous, and are innocent to people and most different animals, together with pets and livestock.

Pink-belly snakes, regardless of their tiny measurement, are fascinating creatures however they’re so small that you just most likely received’t even know they’re there, even in case you’re standing proper subsequent to at least one.

Don’t let that hold you up at night time, as these snakes are so tiny that even when they have been to chew you nothing dangerous would occur.

Even so, hold studying and I’ll let you know the whole lot it’s essential to find out about these tiny however vibrant snakes on this article.

What Does the Pink Stomach Snake Look Like?

Pink stomach snakes get their frequent identify from their vibrant, boldly coloured pink bellies. Speak about fact in promoting, eh?

However, their bellies are usually not at all times a “true” pink colour, and might vary from a pale, coral orange or salmon colour to a daring, “hotrod” pink. In any case, you certain received’t miss the stomach in case you’re searching for it!

However what about the remainder of the snake? Their base coloration ranges from a dusty brown or tan to a wealthy, medium saddle brown colour, though regional subspecies could also be completely black or grey with stripes operating alongside the flanks or again being potential in all species.

Additionally, these snakes are of extraordinarily slight construct. They’re so skinny and wiry, when they’re juveniles they may be mistaken for earthworms, and solely on the rarest of events will adults develop past 12 inches (30 cm) in size.

The place are Pink Stomach Snakes Discovered?

Pink stomach snakes sometimes inhabit moist forests, wetlands, or stands of bushes and close to human exercise in areas which are straightforward to traverse and burrow in like compost beds and gardens.

Now, this isn’t to say that pink bellies dig their very own burrows: they don’t, however they do take over and applicable the burrows of different animals, together with bugs.

Pitchfork and stake holes left behind by human exercise are a few of their favourite locations.

Like all predators, which pink stomach snakes are, they sometimes keep close to the habitat of their chosen prey, and their standard habitat all through North America and Canada offers us a clue to what they eat, which is usually slugs, worms and bugs.

Are Pink Stomach Snakes Venomous?

No. The pink stomach snake is by no means venomous or harmful to individuals.

The Australian Pink Stomach is a Completely Totally different Snake

Earlier than we go any additional, I believe it is very important level out simply in case any worldwide readers are tuned in…

The snake in North America that’s generally known as the pink stomach (Storeria Occipitomaculata) is a completely totally different creature from the snake given the identical frequent identify present in Australia, which is certainly venomous.

And naturally it’s, as a result of it’s in Australia! I swear, the birds there are most likely toxic…

Jokes apart, the Australian pink stomach (Pseudechis porphyriacus) is way bigger than the tiny North American pink stomach.

These Aussie pink bellies are like the larger, nastier cousins to the North American selection, exceeding 4 ft in size and possessing flame pink or orange scales creeping up the perimeters of the snake and a darkish, cherry pink stomach.

These snakes are fairly frequent and encounters with them are frequent, and although they’re venomous, dangerously so, bites are normally survivable.

Once more, the North American red-belly snake is non-venomous!

Can the Pink Stomach Snake Kill Pets or Livestock?

No. Until you’re a worm farmer, the pink stomach snake can not hurt your livestock or pets. These snakes are so small and so slim they can not even reliably damage a new child chick.

Pink bellies subsist on a weight loss plan of slugs, snails, worms and tiny bugs, not mammals or birds, and never even their eggs.

Will Pink Stomach Snakes Assault People?

No, as a normal rule. Pink-belly snakes tremendously favor evasion or hiding to confrontation, contemplating they’re just about close to the underside of the pecking order on the subject of predation from any animal bigger than they’re.

Should you do handle to catch one, it can most likely thrash round briefly earlier than squirting out a nasty anal discharge that’s supposed to gross you out, and persuade you to drop it.

If this doesn’t work they are going to, considerably adorably, snarl and expose their itty bitty enamel and even then they are going to very hardly ever chew, preferring a menace show to precise violence.

Will a Pink-Stomach Snake Chunk Harm You?

Let’s simply say that, in some way, a way, you have been merciless sufficient to impress a red-belly snake to chew you. Would it not damage? I suppose it may.

Though non-venomous, red-belly snakes do have sharp enamel, however these enamel are extremely tremendous and tiny, designed to grip their equally tiny prey.

If a pink stomach have been to chew you, it may probably scratch or lower you, however I might say it may do not more than that.

And, pink bellies are so unlikely to chew that recorded bites in nature, even when snakes have been caught bare-handed, are virtually by no means recorded.

Is it Greatest to Kill Pink Stomach Snakes When You Can?

No, and actually you shouldn’t! Though they’re snakes, and that grosses some individuals out, pink bellies are about as innocent to each people and animals as possible.

A pink stomach isn’t going to chew you, and even when it did most likely nothing would occur. It isn’t going to kill your chickens or your pets. It isn’t going to hassle you in any respect.

And though pink bellies are among the many least spectacular snakes, like all of their bigger kin, they play their very own vital position within the ecosystem, and needs to be revered and never killed out of hand.

However let’s simply say that, in some way, a way, a pink stomach is terrorizing you or your animals. You don’t must kill it to eliminate it.

The snake ought to flee from you on the first signal of your strategy, and even when it doesn’t, you’ll be able to simply scoop it up right into a handy bucket and carry it elsewhere. It could most likely be glad for the raise and also you’ll by no means see it once more…

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