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Chipmunks: Are They Harmful? – Fashionable Survival On-line

It’s exhausting to think about any animal being much less harmful than a chipmunk. From their stunning, striped fur to these adorably chubby cheeks that carry meals again to their burrows, chipmunks are among the many most charismatic rodents on Earth.

Arguably it’s only squirrels which have higher publicity.


They’re so tiny and delicate, it’s exhausting to think about them being a menace to something greater than a sunflower seed, however appears to be like may be deceiving. Are chipmunks really harmful?

No, chipmunks aren’t harmful. A chipmunk that’s trapped or grabbed could chunk, however except for that and the attainable transmission of infectious illnesses, chipmunks are fully innocent to individuals.

Chipmunks, like most of their rodent brethren, have impressively sharp and succesful tooth that may undoubtedly injure you, however barring the danger of an infection this chunk just isn’t going to inflict any severe hurt.

Chipmunks are well-known pest animals in some locations, and so they can transmit illnesses, so that you need to know easy methods to take care of them and extra importantly how they will attempt to take care of you if it comes right down to it. Maintain studying and I’ll inform you much more about chipmunks…

Chipmunk Overview, Temperament and Habitat

Chipmunks are a small species of terrestrial or semi-arboreal rodent.

Immediately recognizable from their small dimension, not often measuring longer than half a foot from finish to finish, they’ve distinctive longitudinal, light-colored stripes working throughout their tan or brown fur, and often have darker, speckled distinction markings alongside this size.

Chipmunks are usually lively throughout the daytime, sleeping at evening in an underground burrow with a number of exits, a larder for meals, and a major sleeping chamber.

Like many rodents, chipmunks are usually solitary though often you’ll see one or two dwelling collectively or shut by.

Like their shut cousins, squirrels, chipmunks have a various food regimen consisting of assorted plant matter however significantly seeds and nuts, and in addition fruit, grains, small bugs, chicken eggs and sometimes new child chicks.

They’ve sharp, stout incisors that they use to gnaw by means of obstacles and in addition course of their meals, and so they’ve been identified to climb timber readily looking for nuts or eggs.

This tendency to gnaw and climb has additionally made them a perennial pest round human habitation, the place they demolish seedlings, songbird eggs and sometimes infiltrate properties to make their dens in out-of-the-way locations.

A surefire indicator {that a} chipmunk has arrange residence within the space is whenever you see it with massive, puffy cheeks.

These chubby cheeks aren’t fats, and they’re really outsized pouches that chipmunks use to retailer and haul meals from the setting again to their burrow.

Chipmunks subsist on their saved meals throughout the winter time, and when you see a chipmunk making a number of journeys backwards and forwards you may ensure that a burrow is close by.

Do Chipmunks Defend Their Territory?

Chipmunks are usually surprisingly territorial in the direction of others of their very own type, more often than not, and in addition different rodent species however they don’t seem to be territorial in the direction of bigger animals or human beings.

It is because chipmunks no instinctively that they’re very low on the totem pole and haven’t any actual probability of working off or keeping off bigger animals.

Do Chipmunks Act Aggressively Towards Every Different?

Sure, typically. As long as they’re not dwelling too shut collectively and there’s not a lot meals strain, chipmunks will typically get together with each other, and from time to time you’ll see a few chipmunks dwelling collectively.

Nevertheless, territorial disputes are removed from unusual, and meals shortages will result in chipmunks preventing amongst themselves and even preventing different rodents like squirrels or rats.

Do Chipmunks Threaten Individuals?

No, in a roundabout way. A chipmunk’s solely concern when an individual is round is to get away as shortly as attainable.

It’s attainable for a chipmunk to injure you by biting or, possibly, by scratching however except for the aggravation they trigger in and round properties they don’t seem to be a menace.

Have There Been Recorded Chipmunk Assaults on Individuals?

Sure, surprisingly sufficient. Don’t fear although; chipmunk assaults on individuals are extraordinarily uncommon. It’s really very tough to seek out documented circumstances of assaults.

Most are merely a case of individuals reporting incidents on the web, and there are a couple of humorous movies of chipmunks leaping on individuals or “charging” them after being refused meals as soon as they’ve develop into acclimated to human presence and significantly to people who feed them typically.

That being stated, chipmunks are rodents and rodents have been identified to generally assault individuals underneath peculiar circumstances, so it’s best to by no means assume {that a} chipmunk received’t assault you.

What Will Set off a Chipmunk Assault on a Individual?

Just about the one cause {that a} chipmunk would it not ever assault an individual is when you grabbed it, trapped it or cornered it.

Rodents, together with chipmunks, invariably want to flee and run and conceal, moderately than combat, however combat they may in the event that they suppose they haven’t any different possibility.

Even a chipmunk that you simply someway managed to shock at shut vary goes to run for the hills.

It’d run previous you if it thinks that’s its greatest probability of escape, however an unprovoked chipmunk assault on an individual is sort of extraordinary.

Simply How Robust is a Chipmunk?

Not robust in any respect. Now, for his or her dimension, chipmunks have well-developed jaw muscle groups and tooth able to spectacular chewing, and their total athleticism and endurance makes them succesful diggers, climbers and foragers.

However chipmunks on the finish of the day are teeny, tiny little creatures in comparison with human beings, not robust in any respect.

Can Chipmunks Chunk?

Sure, they will and they’re going to! Like just about all rodents chipmunks have massive and impressively well-developed incisors that they use for gnawing and consuming.

The truth is, a chipmunk’s tooth will develop constantly all through their life, and they also gnaw on issues continually so as to shorten them.

These sharp tooth have a chisel-like profile, good for puncturing, and a chipmunk chunk is certainly going to harm and draw blood.

What Does a Chipmunk Assault Look Like?

A chipmunk assault goes to look fairly comedic on the finish of the day- until it occurs to you.

Assuming you aren’t holding the chipmunk, an occasion that may lead it to chunk any a part of you that it could attain, a chipmunk is prone to bounce on you and simply begin biting.

That’s the one recourse they’ve as a result of their claws are far too tiny to inflict something however probably the most superficial injury.

How Do You Reply to a Chipmunk Assault?

If, for no matter cause, a chipmunk begins charging you, react shortly and attempt to get away from it. You ought to be sooner than the chipmunk over open floor.

However assuming you solely observed that you’re underneath assault by a chipmunk when the chipmunk is climbing on you, do what you may to swat it away after which get away from it.

In the end, in case you are pressured to defend your self, chipmunks are so small and delicate that any stable strike ought to kill it kind of instantly.

Bear in mind: Chipmunks ought to invariably attempt to run away from you, so when you discover one performing aggressively it may be as a result of there’s one thing improper with it, it’s sick or it’s defending a burrow with younger inside.

Will a Chipmunk Eat a Individual?!

No. Chipmunks are omnivores, and meaning they eat each vegetation and meat, however no chipmunk goes to assault you with the intention of consuming you.

That stated, chipmunks are rodents, and most rodents are opportunistic; when you have been to die it isn’t unthinkable {that a} chipmunk would possibly take a chunk or two out of you- protein is protein in spite of everything!

Can Individuals Catch Illnesses from Chipmunks?

Sure, they will. Chipmunks, like most rodents, carry a large assortment of communicable illnesses and parasites that may infect individuals.

Most critically, chipmunks are potential vectors of rabies though the probabilities of chipmunks infecting an individual with it are very small. Nonetheless, any apparent unusual conduct or aggression from a chipmunk is a warning signal.

Apart from that, chipmunks are important vectors of nasty germs like hantavirus and in addition the standard assortment of mammalian parasites like fleas and ticks.

Ticks are an particularly severe concern as a result of they’re the most probably vector of Lyme illness and different debilitating tick fevers.

Be very cautious, and be sure you wash up and disinfect when you’re pressured to deal with chipmunks for any cause!

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