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Construct a Teepee Hearth

teepee fire burning
The teepee fireplace is fast to construct and fast to burn.

Many campers and outside fanatics who’re working with campfires begin by constructing a teepee fireplace, whether or not they understand that’s what they’re developing or not. I do know this was the primary fireplace kind I ever began constructing with as a result of it’s so straightforward to assemble. We constructed them often in Cub Scouts. I see children throughout making teepee fires – adults too!

What’s a Teepee Hearth?

A teepee fireplace is a campfire constructed by stacking sticks into the form of a teepee. It appears to be like very like a cone form when full. It differs from different widespread campfire sorts as a result of the sticks are stacked nearly vertically moderately than horizontally.

The teepee fireplace might be the most typical campfire kind. It’s often taught in outside survival lessons and in applications just like the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and so forth. It’s a favourite of many individuals as a result of it’s so quick and simple to assemble. The teepee fireplace has some downsides, nonetheless.

Moderately watch than learn? I cowl the teepee fireplace and three different forms of campfires within the video under.

Execs and Cons of a Teepee Hearth


  1. Fast Ignition: Its design permits the fireplace to rise shortly from the tinder to the kindling after which to the bigger logs, making it comparatively straightforward to start out.
  2. Excessive Flames: The teepee construction tends to supply tall flames, which might be visually pleasing and helpful for signaling in emergency conditions.
  3. Self-Feeding (to a level): Because the logs burn, they collapse inward, which will help in sustaining the fireplace for a sure period with out a lot interference.
  4. Perfect for Fast Cooking: The tall flames can be utilized for boiling or cooking meals shortly below a campfire tripod, particularly for those who solely want the fireplace for a brief time period. That is actually the fireplace greatest suited to quickly boiling water with firewood, however there are – after all – different strategies of boiling water whereas tenting that don’t contain a campfire.


  1. Not Lengthy-Lasting: With out intervention, the teepee construction burns out faster than another fireplace layouts.
  2. Inefficient Gasoline Consumption: It tends to burn wooden quicker as a result of its design, which could not be best in conditions the place you have got a restricted wooden provide.
  3. Requires Monitoring: As the fireplace burns and the logs collapse, it might want rearranging or rebuilding to keep up a constant fireplace.
  4. Much less Steady: The teepee construction, particularly if constructed tall, might be much less steady than different configurations. This may result in logs falling out of alignment, which might be a security hazard.
  5. Not Perfect for Prolonged Cooking: For cooking meals that require a very long time (like roasting), the quick lifespan of a teepee fireplace isn’t best. You’d want a extra constant warmth supply.

Construct a Teepee Hearth

teepee fire frame
The body of this teepee fireplace is able to ignite.

The teepee fireplace technique is without doubt one of the most elementary and common methods to start out a campfire. Right here’s a step-by-step information on the right way to do it.

Constructing the Teepee Body

  • Begin by putting a handful of tinder within the middle of your pit.
  • Prepare the kindling over the tinder within the form of a teepee. Stick them into the bottom barely to assist them stand upright.
  • Place the bigger items of firewood across the kindling in an identical teepee construction. Make sure that there’s sufficient house for air to circulation, as fireplace wants oxygen to burn.

Gentle the Tinder

  • Gentle the tinder in a number of locations. Because it catches fireplace, the kindling will start to ignite.
  • As soon as the kindling is burning steadily, the outer firewood will catch fireplace.

Keep the Hearth

  • Because the teepee construction burns, the logs will fall inward. That’s okay. This technique is designed to offer the fireplace a robust begin. As soon as the fireplace is well-established, you’ll be able to add extra logs as wanted, putting them on prime or across the burning wooden.
  • At all times monitor your fireplace carefully and hold water or a hearth extinguisher close by for security.

Greatest Hearth for You?

What’s your favourite model of campfire? I’m additionally curious what the primary kind of fireplace you ever made is. Let me know within the feedback part. Burn on!


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