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Feeding the Beast Throughout SHTF – Bread Choices

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A disaster of any scale is a tricky time to both need to study to do with out, or create a whole lot of work for ourselves. With a bit of follow and planning, we are able to nonetheless have issues that make our subsequent dish of soup or pinto beans or squirrel a bit of happier, and provides us some versatility in how we use flour and mixes for baked items. We are able to do it with out including a ton of steps, mess, and usually a whole lot of elements to our each day duties. Whether or not we’re at residence or on the path, that may avoid wasting sanity in addition to time and labor.

That is me, so that you’re principally going to see 5 elements or much less by right here, and a give attention to cleanup. I’m simply not Martha Stewart. However I do like my breads and I do like one thing candy once in a while, so right here’s half a dozen methods we are able to nonetheless get them, even with no working oven or grocery store.

Ash Muffins & Bannock 

What would a soup be with out some form of bread? Not as comfortable, that’s what. Two of the only breads to make have already been talked about within the 6 One-Day Initiatives article, down within the record of different issues to strive. 

Any flour will work for both an ash cake or bannock bread, even bought mixes just like the dinner rolls Augason Farms apparently figures I’ll be making – ever, however particularly in a catastrophe. Even when it’s obtained further stuff in there, I am going forward and comply with the cup-tablespoon-teaspoon ratio for bannock, or simply drizzle in water or milk for an ash cake.

These ash truffles and bannock may also be augmented by rolled oats, rolled wheat, or on the spot rolled barley, though it’s essential let these sit for 10-20 minutes to ensure they’ve an opportunity to take in some liquid, and also you’ll most likely want so as to add extra liquid than standard. It’s a solution to each add some texture and selection to diets, in addition to expend a number of the cheaper elements like oatmeal which are in our storage even once we haven’t deliberate for no-bake cookies.

Any cornbread or cornmeal may also be changed into ash truffles or pseudo-Johnny truffles, to go beside a soup or underneath a stew, or so as to add selection to our breakfast meals.

Drop biscuits & dumplings

Most pancake and dinner roll mixes have the potential to show into good, straightforward biscuits; and something that’s a biscuit (or bannock bread) may be dropped by mounded tablespoons right into a simmering pot of broth, gravy or soup, simmered for 10 minutes, flipped, simmered one other 10-12 minutes, and whala – we’ve a fluffy(ish) bread proper there in our soups.

Head’s up: Biscuit dumplings will recurrently flip your clear, mild broth into one thing thicker and extra gravy like. That’s not a nasty factor, only a level.

One thing that can be a nasty factor, is that for those who utterly cowl the highest of your soup with dumplings, it will get actually onerous to stir the underside.

Each of these components go away for those who choose to make your meal in a photo voltaic oven or comparable. You are able to do it one in all two methods, identical to a daily biscuit bake – stick the biscuits/dumplings on the underside to slowly rise and fluff, or area them out on prime from the get-go or after a part of the bake time has elapsed.


A bonus to dumplings over different methods of getting a breading into our soup meal is that it’s nonetheless just one cooking pot.

Drop biscuits have benefits in clean-up, too, and in time and waste. Once we combine a batter after which spoon biscuits out onto a sheet pan, we don’t even need to dip our fingers in flour for molding them. We certain don’t need to flour a counter and a rolling-pin or ingesting glass (which can be what I often use for a cutter).

After I make drop biscuits, they’re elements to oven in 5 minutes or much less, and my cleanup includes a bowl and two spoons. When Mr. P makes *actual* biscuits, I take into account simply torching the kitchen and beginning over.

In a life with restricted water, restricted sources, and a whole lot of labor concerned with each facet of survival, the variations can matter. The identical holds true for the drop biscuit dumplings as an alternative of rolling out and reducing much more to make flat drop dumplings.



Hardtack is unquestionably an choice to go along with our soups, identical to it was in colonial and pioneer days. There are many recipes on-line for baking it.

There aren’t as many as I’d have anticipated the place individuals really eat these items, and uncover that it’s greatest soaked for a number of hours first, then simmered proper together with broth, tea, or soup, wherever from 10 minutes to an hour relying on the alignment of the celebs*.

*Snicker; however not completely kidding on the predictability entrance.

That veers it away from a comfort meals, however for those who’re utilizing a crock pot or equal, or are simmering soup for a number of hours anyway, heating the home anyway, it’s fairly useful to have the ability to pop open a bucket of these items 2-5 years after you made them and have a pleasant, transportable, calorie-dense portion to choose up and eat or noticed with a fork and knife. We are able to even sub in a few of our loopy flours like floor dry beans, acorn, and barley if we’re so inclined.

Simply remember that actual hardtack is just not Mountain Home pilot bread or a cracker, and that 5-20 minutes underneath gravy or in a fry pan goes nowhere with no pre-soak as soon as it’s onerous and dry.

Beer bread

I’m lazy, if it was not apparent from the articles about mattress sheets, laundry, and gardening. I’m additionally not huge into babysitting meals at timed intervals.

Beer bread suits me to a T.
Feeding the Beast During SHTF – Bread Options - The Prepper Journal

Worth out some cheap mild beer, and don’t neglect the choice of a neighborhood retailer ordering a pair flats of forties for you. They’re really the most affordable possibility for me, each bottles and cans, as a result of I’m not keen to purchase Natty Ice even for a catastrophe, though there’s boxed wine in case I determine a wine IV or camelback is critical for my sanity.

There are a lot of recipes on-line. I like this one, though I generally simply omit the butter completely or use oil as an alternative. This one skips the salt and goes straight to self-rising flour. We are able to sub in a dinner roll combine or Bisquick for both.

And the sifting … I name it non-compulsory.

We are able to use a beer bread recipe in any type of cooker, from a crock pot or facsimile to a photo voltaic oven. We are able to make it in little cans round a campfire or rocket range, too, or atop a clay pot candle heater.

Unfold out in a pie plate or frying pan as an alternative of a loaf pan, or separated into muffin pans, it’ll prepare dinner quicker and be straightforward to portion out.

That may save arguments over who does or doesn’t get the heels (there are freaks on the market who take into account {that a} lesser slice). It may well additionally simply make it quicker and fewer messy to serve, whereas additionally saving cooking gasoline and time.

If you’d like extra taste to your bread, you’ll be able to go along with heavier and darker ales as you want. Whereas I’m comfortable sipping a well-built Guinness or Killian’s Crimson, I don’t really like them in my bread and that bread isn’t any good for PBJ.

Griddle Muffins 

One other cheat I realized for backpacking is that you may make any baked good right into a griddle cake. For these of us who need quick and straightforward in a catastrophe, or who aren’t *prepared* but and are dying for a fast and straightforward deal with, bag and field mixes I’ve efficiently made into little rounds of goodness with a pan or on the greased prime of a canteen mug and any warmth supply embody:

  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Brownies
  • Muffin mixes
  • Cake mixes
  • Scone mixes
  • Cornbread & corn muffin mixes
  • Hushpuppy batter

You’ll be able to comply with the instructions (or portion them, relying on how straightforward contemporary or powdered eggs and oil are to divide) or lower a number of the liquids, and so they come out about like puffy pancakes.

Skinny them down a good bit, and, boy oh boy, we’re beginning to look into the connoisseur aspect with crepes.

They are often eaten as-is like a comfortable cookie or roll-up, or topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, ice cream and milk flavoring syrups, nuts in syrup, honey, tree syrup, Karo, and jelly.

Frosting in a Ziploc bag affords the power to make cute spirals and grids or fluffy inventive mounds. Pudding may be reserved and blended thick to do the identical, or used as a filling for crepes.

They may also be topped or full of canned or rehydrated fruits, cannoli filling, pie filling, cream cheese, or peanut butter. You too can play with including shredded coconut and nuts (and chocolate) to German chocolate frosting, or use sweetened condensed milk and shredded coconut as a super-sweet filler.

Enjoyable be aware: They may also be baked in a skillet to chop like wedges of cornbread. I recurrently bake muffin mixes in a pie pan to create skinny little slices which are often drizzled with one thing. Tuna cans and soup cans may also be used for any batter, as can small Pyrex bowls or ramekins. These containers are additionally all choices for baked pancakes, equivalent to this one .

Off-Grid Cooking

Even once we’re not as ready as we’d prefer to be, or once we like comfort and we need to proceed to have handy choices in a catastrophe, we are able to nonetheless get the feel-good meals that bread and even “baked” candy treats may be.

Whether or not it opens up choices for us, simply gives some further backups, or turns into a part of our each day habits, holding an open thoughts about what we are able to accomplish – and the way a lot effort it has to take – can solely profit us sooner or later.

This targeted on my weak spot: Breads. (And laziness, okay.) I completely endorse understanding learn how to do and make issues from scratch. There are preservatives and value points with a few of my cheats. Nonetheless, from issues like ash truffles and bannock that actually want few elements, to new methods to make and use mixes we’d have already got round, we don’t need to pigeonhole ourselves, particularly if our catastrophe plans contain holing up in summertime or much more bodily labor year-round.

Different issues to contemplate once we take a look at these lists are the quantity of gasoline a number of the therapies take, the quantity of pan scrubbing and kitchen cleanup concerned, and even the cookware we’ve at our disposal.

We additionally may need to take a look at a few of our responsible pleasures with regards to consuming. Even when we don’t inventory our cabinets to make it a each day and even weekly staple, we’d take into account stashing some premade mixes, hiding away some beer, and holding onto some tin cans so we are able to pop them out from time to time for particular events.

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