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Greatest Silver for Survival – 2023

“Purchase silver” is the mantra promoted by many preppers. For these of you pondering this, you might be questioning precisely what the very best silver for survival to purchase is. That’s a superb query, and I’ve a suggestion towards the top of this text, however earlier than you race there to see, it’s vital to learn via the complete article so you will get a full understanding of preppers’ affinity for silver.

I’m not solely a prepper, however I’ve purchased and offered silver numerous instances over time, so whereas I’m no coin skilled, I do know sufficient about silver to navigate the market and know the place to purchase it, what to purchase, and what sells finest ought to it’s good to offload it.

Why Preppers Spend money on Silver

Preppers like valuable metals, they usually usually favor silver over gold or platinum. There are a number of causes for this.

Gold and silver love dangerous financial information. When instances get powerful, individuals flock to valuable metals. These metals are seen as secure haven belongings when financial uncertainty abounds. For those who’re prepping, you’re doing it since you assume instances are or will probably be powerful. It solely is smart that preppers would see valuable metals as an extension of their preps.

Silver and gold have intrinsic worth. Individuals may debate the intrinsic worth of metals (it has totally different definitions relying on who you ask), however the vital level right here is that the worth of the metallic is inside the metallic itself.

Evaluate that, for instance, to a paper greenback invoice. There isn’t a worth within the paper, solely in what the paper represents. With valuable metals, you maintain the value of it in your hand. The comparability is identical as shares (representing possession of an organization) and actual property (one thing you may contact).

Silver can be utilized for bartering. If the grid goes down, SHTF and TEOTWAWKI hits, paper foreign money will probably be ineffective. Individuals might want to depend on one thing else as an change of worth, and what higher than valuable metals? Gold and silver have very lengthy histories of use as foreign money.

Vault Silver

The Silver Desire

Silver has been referred to as “the poor man’s gold,” however for those who personal a superb pile of silver, that doesn’t sound so poor to me. In truth, whereas there are apparent similarities between gold and silver, it’s widely known throughout the prepper group that silver is the popular metallic. There are a number of causes for this.

Silver prices much less. You should buy silver extra simply than gold as a result of it’s cheaper. This lets you begin constructing your stash extra rapidly and to extend it extra simply over time. Spending just a little cash to have ounces of silver in your hand creates a quicker sense of gratification than ready months to avoid wasting for an oz of gold.

Silver has extra makes use of than gold. Silver is utilized in pictures, jewellery, batteries, and electronics. Further makes use of embrace medical functions, photo voltaic power, meals hygiene, and water purification. It has extra real-world functions.

Silver is healthier for bartering. The issue with gold getting used for bartering is that it’s simply so costly. It’s onerous to barter with a 1oz gold coin. How do you break it up? Evaluate that to “junk” silver, which is far simpler to work with as a foreign money in transactions.

Why Shopping for Silver is a Unhealthy Concept

Let me play the satan’s advocate for a second, as a result of there are lots of preppers who will inform you shopping for silver is a horrible thought, and their arguments will not be with out benefit.


The rationale shopping for silver is a nasty thought is since you are shopping for a “ineffective” merchandise. I do know I simply went over its many makes use of, however from a prepper’s perspective, after a collapse, how – precisely – are you going to make use of that silver?

It’s not going to maintain you heat. You may’t prepare dinner with it. You may’t eat it. You may’t heal wounds with it. Oh – proper – bartering. Nicely, when the apocalypse hits and also you need to supply me a number of silver cash for my post-apocalyptic cans of Spam, know what my response will probably be? Take a hike!

The argument goes that you’re significantly better off shopping for bulk ammo and freeze-dried meals. Objects like these you need to use after the apocalypse and use for bartering. In some preppers’ minds, that’s win-win.

Again on the alternative facet of the silver coin, what if the apocalypse by no means truly hits and you’ve got cabinets upon cabinets of freeze-dried meals? Are you going to eat all of it? You may… may. However silver – that can last more than any can of freeze-dried meals and it may be used to place towards a home, automobile, or left in your will for surviving members of the family.

So, for those who’re within the “silver is a waste” mindset, you may in all probability cease studying right here. If, then again, you’re keen on that shiny metallic as a lot as I do, examine…

5 Methods to Purchase Silver

I’m going to speak in regards to the varieties of silver you should buy. If you wish to buy silver, you may both go to your native coin vendor or go to one of many many retailers on-line reminiscent of Cash Metals Trade (my favourite) or Common Coin.

There are 5 primary methods you should buy silver:

  1. silver “stuff” (junk cash, mint cash, bars, and rounds),
  2. junk silver,
  3. silver eagles,
  4. silver rounds, and
  5. silver bars.

There are different methods to spend money on silver, via shares in mining firms for instance, however they don’t put the precise silver in your hand, which is silver’s finest attribute, and from a prepper’s perspective, all that issues.

1 – Purchase Silver “Stuff”

As soon as you start in search of it, you can find silver far and wide. In truth, you in all probability personal some already in sterling silver jewellery. Silver can also be used extensively in higher-end silverware, serving dishes, and so forth. These merchandise maintain their worth. You might not get collector-level worth for them, however they are going to at all times be value their “soften worth,” i.e., what the silver content material is value if the merchandise had been melted down.

silver silverware
An outdated set of precise sterling silver silverware handed down via my household.

What’s sterling silver and the way does it differ from pure silver?

Sterling silver is pure silver blended with a little bit of copper, zinc, or nickel – 7.5% of different metals to be precise. That makes sterling silver 92.5% pure. These different metals are added to make the top product extra useful, as a result of with out it, the product would merely be too comfortable as pure silver.

Sterling silver is normally stamped “SS” or “92.5” or one thing related. That leaves no query as to how a lot silver it accommodates. You merely weigh the merchandise and take 92.5% of the load. That’s how a lot silver you may have. Shopping for silver stuff could maintain curiosity for some, significantly for those who see it as a pastime. There are some fairly, outdated objects on the market offered as “scrap silver.”

Pure silver is 99.9% silver, and it’s what most silver rounds and bars are constructed from. You’ll not discover 100% pure silver. It doesn’t exist.

Vault Silver

You will get pure silver “stuff,” nonetheless, however it’s largely novelty, reminiscent of these silver “bullets” I bought from Cash Metals Trade.

You’ll pay just a little additional for these for the novelty issue, however they’re enjoyable.

I like silver stuff as a result of a few of it may be fairly beautiful. It’s silver formed right into a helpful or decorative object. The one drawback with it’s that you should know what you’re doing for those who’re shopping for silver of this kind. You may be paying an pointless premium simply because it’s crafted into one thing. It’s additionally troublesome to resell or barter with.

2 – Junk Silver

junk silver coins
A few of my “junk” silver cash.

Junk silver is what most preppers imagine to be the very best technique. Junk silver primarily refers to older cash which can be made from various quantities of silver with 90% being the commonest.

They’re referred to as “junk” solely as a result of they maintain no collector worth. The worth within the coin is within the silver itself. They’re plentiful and most of the people know what they’re value.

A superb website to examine the worth of older cash is Coinflation. There you may examine every day costs for outdated cash of various years. Typically, you probably have a coin made earlier than 1965 it has silver in it.

Not often you may discover such an outdated coin in your every day travels, however very hardly ever. Individuals scooped these up way back. I hear that casinos will nonetheless come throughout them from older individuals who convey out stashes of outdated quarters to insert into the machines. These casinos then separate these cash and promote them in bulk.

Years in the past, I ran an experiment. I went to the financial institution and requested for $100 value of rolled dimes. I spent in all probability an hour going via each. I discovered ONE pre-1965 dime. It wasn’t well worth the search. My eyes couldn’t see straight by the top of it.


For those who’re good at it, although, and have good listening to, you may decide up the totally different sound a junk silver coin makes. That may be a quicker manner of sifting via cash for those who’re adept at it and are in a scenario the place you might be dealing with mass quantities of outdated cash.

3 – Silver Eagles

silver eagle

Everybody is aware of the silver eagle. They’re made by the U.S. Mint and they’re lovely cash. You’ll pay a premium for these cash.

Why do they price extra? The element in them is astounding. That element not solely makes them extra enticing, however it additionally makes them a lot more durable to make counterfeit eagles, giving the proprietor higher odds of proudly owning the true deal and creating larger purchaser confidence when promoting them.

Curiously, the place these cash are made by the U.S. Mint, they’re stamped with “1oz. Superb Silver – One Greenback.” In different phrases, they’re value their silver worth and perform as a one-dollar silver coin.

Not that you’d ever use them that manner, after all.

4 – Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are basically like silver eagles, however they don’t seem to be cast by the U.S. mint. They haven’t any worth past the silver content material they comprise. These are available in every kind of various variations. Listed below are a number of I personal:

The Merry Christmas spherical is one among a number of I used to be shopping for each Christmas to place in my son’s stocking. On that notice, silver rounds, bars, and eagles are all nice stocking stuffers and birthday presents.

Rounds are enticing, inexpensive, and simply carried. They’re straightforward to purchase, promote, depend, and stack.

As a play on phrases, you should buy one other sort of silver “spherical” – silver bullet bullion. That is silver cast into the form of various caliber cartridges. They’re neat.

5 – Silver Bars

two 1oz silver bars
Silver Towne (proper) is a quite common bar.

Silver bars, like rounds, are one other manner to purchase silver. They arrive .999 positive and are available as small as a single gram and may go as much as 100 ounces or extra!

Bars are stamped with their weight and % silver. They’ve a uniform dimension so it’s straightforward to retailer and deal with them. They’re acknowledged all over the world making them straightforward to make use of as foreign money.

My favourite silver bar by far is the Royal Canadian Mint Bar. They’re made by an precise governmental mint, they don’t seem to be simply .999 pure however .9999 pure, they’re stamped with a serial quantity, and cast in such a manner that makes them considerably troublesome to counterfeit (stamped again and ridges).

What’s the Greatest Silver for Survival to Purchase?

The second you’ve been ready for. For my part, the very best silver for preppers to purchase is a mixture of each junk silver cash and silver eagles.

That is primarily based on each recognizing the prepper’s need to have silver for bartering functions and the present-day worth of various cash and – significantly – the power to rapidly promote your silver ought to it’s good to.

Junk silver cash are straightforward to purchase, comparatively much less cash to purchase, and they’re the last word valuable metallic barter coin. Coming as small as a dime and as massive as a half greenback, you’ll have no drawback utilizing junk silver cash for bartering when the collapse hits.

Vault Silver

Silver eagles are in all probability the most sought-after silver product on the market. I had a wholesome inventory of junk, rounds, bars, and eagles at one time. I had sufficient that I wished to promote them so I may have the cash to make use of towards dwelling enhancements. I listed the silver on Craigslist, and I can inform you that everybody went nuts for the eagles. That was considerably much less curiosity in all different silver merchandise. This spoke volumes.

How A lot Silver Ought to a Prepper Have

How a lot silver do you have to inventory? Laborious to say, that’s a bit relative to your scenario. Suffice to say, it shouldn’t be the primary, second, third, or fourth sort of product you should purchase for those who’re simply entering into prepping. In truth, I’d advise towards it completely till you might be properly in your manner with different preps.

That stated, silver is enjoyable to purchase and maintain. You may watch the market go up and down and play investor. Some traders additionally counsel proudly owning valuable metals as a part of your bigger funding technique.

Silver additionally makes a fantastic present, so that offers you an excuse to purchase some (as for those who wanted an excuse).

For those who are storing your silver in your house, and you’ve got a good quantity of it, be sure to maintain it in a fireproof lockbox and that you’ve got assessed the entire locations to cover valuables in your home. That’s the hazard of protecting wealth in your house – hearth and burglaries.

I at all times saved thoughts inside a secure deposit field on the native financial institution. To every his/her personal.

Additional Studying

Need to learn extra on silver and valuable metallic investing? Attempt these titles:

These are my ideas on silver. Let me know yours within the feedback part.

Need to purchase? Try as Cash Metals Trade or Common Coin for any offers they’re operating.



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