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How A lot Water Ought to You Retailer?

water storage needs of woman and child

Key Factors:

  • The CDC recommends storing 1 gallon of water per individual per day for emergencies.
  • I like to recommend preppers retailer 1.5 gallons per individual per day.
  • Our water calculator can assist you crunch the numbers on how a lot you want.
  • Water is cumbersome and heavy, requiring cautious storage planning.

How a lot water do that you must retailer? Water storage is just not the sexiest factor to speak about on the subject of prepping, nevertheless it’s in all probability a very powerful. Precisely how a lot water must you retailer? I made a calculator to assist reply that, however principally…

I like to recommend storing 1.5 gallons of water per individual per day as a basic guideline. Nevertheless, that’s an exceptionally subjective quantity. It’s about like calculating how a lot ammo you want – extra! The reply is all the time extra.

“Extra” is just not a useful reply, nevertheless. In the event you’re like me, you wish to plan your preps, not simply go at it willy nilly. You save money and time by going about prepping strategically, by constructing a SHTF plan after which creating a plan to satisfy your wants ought to circumstances take a flip for the more serious. “Extra” simply means there’s by no means an finish, and I prefer to really feel like I’m making progress in my preps.

Water storage isn’t precisely as simple as simply filling bottles, nevertheless…

Water takes up house!

See just a few of the totally different water containers I’ve under. The SureWater tank on the left holds 260 gallons. The tenting water jug within the center holds 5 gallons. The Wurx container on the correct holds 20 gallons.

water storage containers
Completely different sized water containers.

I’m lucky to have the house to retailer water, however the house required makes “extra” a very ineffective reply, as a result of for most individuals, cupboard space rapidly turns into a problem when you’ve got lofty targets, i.e. you wish to retailer months’ value of water. In the event you stay in a small home, or an condominium, it will likely be a problem to retailer sufficient water for your self – much more so when you’ve got a household.

Image your normal five-gallon fish tank. It’s not large, nevertheless it takes up sufficient house that it normally calls for its personal designated house on a small desk. Now think about you wish to retailer 50 gallons of water to start out. You want ten of these tanks. All of a sudden you’re trying round your house questioning… the place!? How do you do that with out turning your home into an aquarium?

Water can be heavy!

One gallon of water weighs 8.345 kilos. That very same 50 gallons described above, not solely are you now searching for house, however you’re searching for house that may simply maintain 417.25 kilos (50 x 8.345). You’ll be able to retailer bulk meals on a closet shelf. That’s not going to occur with water. And if you happen to get even heavier with extra gallons, you’ll quickly be trying completely at ground house in basement or on a concrete slab.

I don’t blame you if you happen to’re now pondering this isn’t value it, I’ll return to constructing my bug out backpack. That’s actually extra enjoyable, however earlier than you do this, let me clarify why overlooking water storage is such a foul thought.

Water Calculator

Right here’s the calculator. Plug in your assumptions, verify your outcomes, after which lets dig additional into this topic of how a lot water you need to retailer.

5 Causes Each Prepper Ought to Begin Storing Water

I make the case why each prepper ought to begin their provides with water in my prepper provides article. The overall gist lies within the following ideas.

#1 – Lack of Clear Water is Frequent in Catastrophe Conditions

Put up-disaster, clear water goes to vanish – and this might occur in a single day. We at present stay in a society the place water is ever current, and for a lot of, we’ve come to take entry to scrub water without any consideration.

Nevertheless, after many pure disasters, clear water is usually the very first thing to go. I emphasize “clear” as a result of there may be normally nonetheless water out there – someplace. In reality, within the case of a flood, the issue is an excessive amount of water! However anybody that’s been round a flood or two is aware of the inflow of water typically contaminates consuming water and ends in boil water advisories.

In keeping with the College of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Pure Sources:

Floodwaters can absolutely inundate water wells for days or perhaps weeks. The drive of floodwaters may disrupt or harm effectively or water provide infrastructure and immediately introduce the contaminated water into the effectively.

Past floods, water typically turns into an issue when the facility goes out. You probably have a effectively pump you want a generator to attract from it. In the event you’re on public water it ought to nonetheless circulate because the stations have turbines. If the facility goes out for good (assume EMP), you’re out of luck. You’re left with the pure water that is perhaps round you exterior, or what you will have saved. If it’s a drought, issues are even worse.

#2 – Organic Want – Hydration

Maybe the obvious purpose to start out your water storage is as a result of all of us want water to remain alive! People can solely go a 3 days with out water, and even trying to get that far with out it’s going to be depressing. In the event you’re exterior doing strenuous work within the solar, going with out sufficient water will result in complications, irritability, and heat-related accidents.

#3 – Cooking

In the event you’re going to prepare dinner post-disaster (and you might be), then that you must have water put aside for laundry meals and boiling meals. Preppers are identified for his or her storage of beans, bullets, and band-aids, however have you ever ever tried to eat dried beans with out water? You’ll be able to’t.

Whether or not we’re speaking concerning the sacks of rice, beans, flour, lentils, or no matter different dried items you’ve been storing, you’re going to want some strategy to make these meals edible, and means water.

Even if you happen to assume you’re simply going to stay off MREs within the aftermath of a catastrophe (they’re not as wholesome as you assume), you continue to want water to activate the chemical heater. What’s extra, all of that freeze-dried survival meals you acquire, that can want water to grow to be rehydrated.

#4 – Cleansing

When the facility goes out, it’s not an enormous deal to go and not using a bathe for a day, however remembering the Maine ice storm of of 1998, when freezing rain fell for about 50 hours leading to about 200,000 reviews of energy outages, it took as much as 20 days for some components of the state to get energy again. Folks had been stealing turbines. Any restaurant with energy was flooded with individuals searching for a scorching meal. Many ended up renting resort rooms simply to get a scorching bathe.

On my backpacking journeys, I could make it a few most of 2-3 days earlier than I would like to seek out some strategy to clear myself. Any longer than that and I’m feeling fairly gross. Granted these are exercise-filled, sweaty days, however correct hygiene is an should for post-disaster populations. Those that let that slip to the wayside are at an elevated danger of contracting varied illnesses.

Past our our bodies, in any kind of grid down/collapse scenario, we are going to finally want to scrub our garments. We’ll want to scrub our dishes. We’ll want to scrub surfaces. In different phrases – we’ll want clear water.

#5 – Water is an Straightforward (and Free) Place to Begin

On the subject of prepping, there’s actually no purpose not to start out with water. Earlier than catastrophe hits, you could find it nearly in all places, and the perfect half is, it’s both extremely low cost or fully free! Simply flip in your faucet and begin storing. You’ll instantly have a way of prepping progress as you stack saved water.

How A lot Water Do You REALLY Must Retailer?

water tower
It’d really feel such as you want a water tower to retailer sufficient for the apocalypse, however dthere are some workarounds.

In the event you don’t like my recommendation of 1.5 gallons per individual per day, that’s fairly advantageous. It’s not a typical that’s going to work for everybody, not to mention one that everybody can agree on. If you wish to give you your personal metric to find out how a lot you need to retailer, it’s a must to determine how a lot water you actually want?

To reply that query, that you must determine two issues:

  1. How a lot water you utilize at this time
  2. The place you’re keen to chop water consumption throughout a disaster

How A lot Water Do People Use?

In keeping with the EPA, the typical American household makes use of 300 gallons of water per day at house. Roughly 70% of that’s indoor use. In the event you determine the typical household is a household of 4, that’s 75 gallons per individual per day.

How can that be!? you may marvel. And right here I’m suggesting 1.5 gallons per day. Fairly a distinction!

Think about the typical American house. We take lengthy showers (typically baths), we wash garments, we’ve got dishwashers, we’re consistently flushing the bathroom, we wash our vehicles, we water our lawns, the listing goes on and on.

water usage chart

The 300 gallons quantity additionally accounts for all use, even oblique use, averaged out by household rely. We’re not directly utilizing rather more water than we expect. The meals we purchase on the grocery retailer, there was water used to supply that. The power used to energy our houses, water went into that too.

So, you’ll be able to see how a lot water is getting used – a ton (1.25 tons per household to be exact (8.33lbs per gallon x 300 gallons = 2,499 kilos)). You can even start to see how, in a catastrophe scenario, our water consumption will drop off dramatically.

How Do We Minimize Water Use in a Disaster?

There’s nothing “regular” a few disaster. That’s what makes it a disaster, in spite of everything. So, you’ll be able to throw that 300 gallons per household determine the window. Right here you’re going to have a look at precisely what you’re going to want water for, your direct and speedy consumption wants in a disaster.

That is made simpler by crossing some “regular” water makes use of off the listing:

  • You’ll not be watering your garden, washing your automobile, or something like that.
  • Assuming you’ll be able to even run a garments washer, you’re not going to want to scrub garments day by day. Slightly grime in your denims received’t be the top of the world.
  • You’ll be able to wash dishes by hand and save numerous water over utilizing a dishwasher.
  • In keeping with a 2016 examine, we use roughly 17 gallons of water for an eight-minute bathe. We received’t want day by day showers after a collapse. Ever hear of a sponge tub? They’re not only for infants.
  • Will you actually must flush your bathroom that always? If it’s yellow let it mellow! Alternatively, dig a latrine to your poop and pee exterior!

Give attention to Your Water Wants

For planning functions, somewhat than ranging from the place you’ll be able to minimize water, you can even begin from the place you should have water. That is going to come back down to a few core classes: hydration, cooking, and cleansing.


How a lot water do that you must keep hydrated? That relies upon. How a lot do you weigh? What’s local weather are you residing in? Are you participating in bodily labor? As a tough information, take into account this recommendation:

Intercourse Really helpful Each day Water Consumption
Feminine 11.5 cups (0.72 gallons or 2.7 liters)
Male 15.5 cups (0.97 gallons or 3.7 liters)

All of a sudden 1.5 gallons doesn’t look like quite a bit, does it? Add in some cooking and a few cleansing and also you’re at that 1.5 gallon per individual per day advice fairly simply. If it’s a must to account for a scorching/humid local weather and/or bodily labor, the quantity begins creeping up somewhat rapidly.

After all, if you happen to’ve ever tried to drink a gallon of water a day you recognize it’s not simple, however that’s straight water consumption below regular circumstances. In a standard day you might also be consuming espresso, tea, soda, juice, and so on. Minimize all of these out and drink nothing however water and a gallon a day isn’t as tough.


Cooking requires water use as effectively. The usual for pasta, for instance, is 4-6 quarts of water per pound of pasta. That’s a minimal of 1 gallon of water to 1 pound of pasta.

We might minimize the “normal” water-to-pasta ratio in a disaster, however simply freeze dried meals, the place all the water finally ends up absorbed within the meals itself, you continue to want loads of water.

Take for instance the 2 footage under. I took these off some freeze-dried merchandise I bought from Emergency Necessities. The primary is from a #10 can of white cheddar mac and cheese. The second is off single serving of their excessive protein vanilla shake combine.

freeze dried mac cheese directions
Freeze dried mac & cheese requires 1 cup of water for each 1/3 cup of pasta.
vanilla meal shake directions
A vanilla meal shake requires 1.5 cups of water.

Arthur T. Bradley, bestselling creator of the Handbook to Sensible Catastrophe Preparedness for the Household, places his cooking/consuming quantity considerably decrease. In keeping with him, the typical human can get by with only a gallon of water a day on the subject of each consuming and cooking. He appears to be following the CDC tips, and that “one per one” does make for a simple calculation.

There’s nothing unsuitable with beginning with 1 gallon per individual per day. One thing is healthier than nothing, and if nothing else, that determine will get you 66% of the best way to my advice.


That is the place the water wants can add up. Investing in a five-gallon tenting bathe is a clever thought as a prepper. If we assume you’re solely going to take 2 showers/week (and use the complete 5 gallons), that’s 10 gallons per week. You’ll be able to minimize that showering assumption, as I discussed, with a sponge tub, however… anybody with lengthy hair may disagree.

Regardless, let’s additionally say that you just’re going to make use of a 3rd of a gallon/day for laundry your palms, and one other 1/3 gallon per day to scrub dishes. Add that in.

outhouse as a water saver
The bygone outhouse, it might show to be one among your largest water savers in a disaster.

What about bogs? In the event you’re in a scenario with out energy, you’ll must pour water in the bathroom tank as effectively. You don’t must waste clear water on this although. In the event you can catch your used grey water (from showers, dish washing, hand washing, and so on.) this water could be good for flushing.

Personally, I’ve a Luggable Bathroom for such a scenario. Past the Luggable Bathroom, you could possibly additionally construct a latrine outdoor if you happen to’re residing someplace rural.

In a short-term winter storm-type scenario, certain, I’ll use water to flush a bathroom. However in a grid down, EMP kind SHTF scenario – there’s no means I’m utilizing clear water to flush a bathroom. Pond water, stream water – these are choices. You could possibly additionally try and seize any bathe water for flushing a bathroom. In different phrases, you could possibly discover methods to get inventive and in some circumstances, use water twice.

If we assume that we’re going to hand-wash our garments as soon as per week utilizing a Scrubba, for instance, that makes one other 7 gallons of water/week/individual.

We will lower general water wants by taking fewer showers, utilizing a compost bathroom, utilizing disposable plates and silverware, melting winter ice (now you’re stocking extra gasoline), and so forth. My general level right here is that…

I Stand By 1.5 Gallons Per Individual Per Day

Higher to overprepare than underprepare, and 1.5 gallons per individual per day – I feel – is just not overpreparing.

That stated, I acknowledge that your ends in the water calculator could seem intimidating. In reality, it in all probability is, however relying on the place you reside, you could have strategies to enhance this water storage with water assortment methods, drawing water from a pond, constructing a rain catchment system, and so on. Nonetheless, it’s good to have clear, potable water saved regardless.

Additional studying? Try The Prepper’s Water Survival Information by Daisy Luther:

What are your ideas? How a lot water do you have saved? Let me know within the feedback part. Let’s bounce some concepts round

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