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Raccoons on the Roof? The best way to Scare Them

Raccoons are positively a few of the coolest and most fascinating animals on the market, however provided that they aren’t inflicting issues in your property.

two raccoons on wooden fence
two raccoons on wood fence

They’re relentless break-in artists in terms of rubbish cans, pet meals, rooster coops, and extra and should you get a big troop of them hanging round you’re sure to have points. These points will flip right into a reputable nightmare in the event that they get inside your attic or elsewhere in your house.

And in terms of dwelling invasion, raccoons sometimes discover their method in off of the roof, sneaking in by soffits, attic vents, chimneys, and extra. Accordingly, if in case you have one in your roof it is advisable get it down from there and scare it away, and hopefully not break your neck within the course of.

That will help you try this I’m bringing you a listing of suggestions that can show you how to scare raccoons off of your roof simply, along with utilizing baits and traps which I’ve already coated. Hold studying and we are going to get proper to it…

Movement Lighting

It’s not unprecedented to see a raccoon within the daytime, however they’re predominantly nocturnal. Being prey animals, being illuminated and uncovered raises their ranges of tension, and may trigger them to retreat to cowl wherever they’re.

You should use this quirk of psychology in opposition to them by using movement lighting round your own home and, if obligatory, up in your roof that can activate when raccoons come close to. Missing that, highlight them with a strong flashlight in case you are out on “patrol.”

Loud, Sharp Sounds

Despite the fact that raccoons are sometimes urbanized, a time period that means that they’ve discovered to stay close to and alongside human habitation and exercise, they’re nonetheless startled and unnerved by loud noises. Elevate sufficient ruckus, and a raccoon may resolve that discretion is the higher a part of valor and hit the path.

To do that, you possibly can yell, bang sticks or boards collectively, rattle a trash can lid, or use a pail filled with gravel. Something that can create a pointy, loud sound is perhaps sufficient to spook them away.

Simply listen, as a result of in the event that they duck inside your home, you’ll should attempt a brand new tactic to get them out!

Backyard Twirlers

Backyard twirlers are these wind-powered decorations that take the type of pinwheels, spirals, or concentric rings of reflective discs.

No matter they’re and no matter they seem like, should you get some which might be a shiny, shiny reflective steel you may be capable of depend on them to maintain raccoons and different mammals away.

There’s one thing in regards to the glint and motion of this stuff that simply unsettles most animals.

Being so uncertain of what they’re, most raccoons will select to take their possibilities elsewhere. Grasp these up strategically round your own home and particularly close to the recognized approaches that raccoons use to scamper as much as your roof. Hopefully it’s going to deter them!


One of many oldest and best-known strategies for deterring raccoons, mice, rats and different varmints is using mothballs. Chances are high that is what your great-granddad did to maintain pesky critters at bay, and if it’s adequate for him it’s adequate for us…

Mothballs have that robust, nose-stinging odor due to a compound referred to as naphthalene. It’s lethal to moths, however merely a powerful deterrent to animals with delicate noses. Animals like raccoons!

All it is advisable do is place mothballs at strategic factors across the basis of your property, particularly close to spots the place raccoons prefer to climb as much as the roof.

Putting a number of up on the roof line by tucking them below shingles can also be a good suggestion, as is placing them contained in the attic close to vents and different potential entrances. They don’t final ceaselessly, and also you’ll have to switch them often (and sooner after it rains), however this is without doubt one of the least expensive and finest choices.

Epsom Salt

That is one other considered one of my favourite and time-tested raccoon repellents, and one which I didn’t find out about till only recently.

To us people, Epsom salt doesn’t actually have any odor in any respect, however for no matter motive the chemical composition of the stuff is insupportable to many mammals. I can assure you that raccoons positively hate it!

Even higher, the odor appears to float for fairly an extended distance, so placing rings of Epsom salt round your own home and elsewhere in your property may hold raccoons off of your land fully.

The very best half is Epsom salt is reasonable, freely accessible, and fairly pleasant, environmentally speaking- although you don’t need it to get into the soil the place you propose on rising something!

Bear in mind to refresh it periodically because it degrades and washes away.

Black or White Pepper

Raccoons, as talked about, have extremely delicate noses. They’re delicate each by way of total effectivity at sniffing out meals, mates, and threats, but in addition of their vulnerability to irritants.

Pepper is scrumptious on our personal meals, however should you’ve ever gotten a nostril filled with the stuff you understand how disagreeable it may be! Think about how a lot worse it’ll be for a raccoon.

Grind these items up contemporary after which sprinkle it actually wherever you realize raccoons go and transfer round.

As soon as they get a great snoutful of stuff it will ship them right into a coughing and sneezing match, and after one or two shut encounters they may in all probability affiliate your own home and roof with ache, and depart you alone.

Purple Pepper Flakes or Powder

Purple pepper flakes work very very similar to black pepper and white pepper in terms of repelling raccoons out of your roof. Any raccoon that runs into the stuff and both tries a style or will get a great whiff of it will be in for a searing shock.

Despite the fact that the compound contained in crimson pepper flakes, and all different spicy peppers, causes mammals important ache when it comes into contact with pores and skin, mucous membranes, style buds, or eyes, it isn’t overtly dangerous.

That is actually going to knock any trespassing raccoon for a loop, however it’s going to depart them no worse for the wear and tear after the consequences subside in half an hour or so.

Better of all, that is one other extraordinarily low cost and environmentally pleasant choice: you gained’t have to fret about this hurting the atmosphere, your land, or any supplies on your own home. Simply don’t get it in your individual eyes!


One other raccoon repellent that you simply’ve in all probability received in your individual pantry proper now. Positive, it makes our desserts style fantastic, however these items is ferociously irritating to many mammals. Certainly, that taste we love a lot is definitely a protection mechanism developed by the plant to stop it from being eaten!

You in all probability don’t want me to let you know the way to use cinnamon at this level: scatter it liberally anyplace that you realize the raccoons will go and make sure to coat all of their approaches and climbing factors that they use to stand up in your roof.

Seize your self a giant economic system jug if you wish to, and don’t hesitate to put a thick perimeter across the fringe of your roof so the raccoons will run into it nose-first as they climb.

Predator Scent

Raccoons is perhaps infamous predators of rooster and duck coops, however they themselves are prey for bigger and extra succesful animals like wolves, coyotes, bobcats, and extra.

Accordingly, they’re at all times alert to any indication {that a} predator is perhaps close by, and the primary device they use to determine that out is their nostril.

If a raccoon can bodily odor the predator, and even proof of their passage within the type of urine or droppings, they are going to be much more fearful and extra susceptible to go the opposite method.

Exploit this predator nervousness by buying predator scent from a looking provide retailer or a pest management outlet.

Observe that these items could be fairly smelly, clearly, and also you in all probability don’t need to odor it your self nevertheless it works splendidly for repelling raccoons particularly if they’re already organising a nest inside your own home.

Boar Raccoon Scent

Most mommy raccoons which might be on the lookout for a secure place to nest, like inside your attic as an illustration, will keep away from male, or boar, raccoons as a result of they generally tend to kill little infants.

Identical to we used predator scent above, you possibly can purchase specialty male raccoon scent and use it to scare off any adventurous, exploring females and youthful, nervous males out of your property and roof.

As regular, spray liberally and reapply usually because it wears out. As soon as you realize the raccoons are lengthy gone, you possibly can cease.

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