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Skunks: Are they Harmful?

I don’t assume it’s any nice assertion to say already that just about each single grownup alive, at the very least in North America, is aware of what a skunk is and what it may do to you.


I additionally don’t assume it’s any nice stretch to say that there is no such thing as a individual on Earth who needs to be subjected to that hideous, gag-inducing odor of skunk spray.

That’s dangerous sufficient, it truly is, case closed. However other than the spray, can skunks damage you? Are skunks truly harmful?

Skunks aren’t really harmful to individuals. Their nasty spray is dangerous sufficient and might trigger extreme irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, however that is non permanent. It is potential for a skunk to chunk you whether it is cornered or dealt with, however that is an especially uncommon incidence.

It seems that the primary factor that individuals fear about regarding skunks is just about the one factor you’ve received to fret about. Skunks are undoubtedly distinctive animals, and their perspective about protection is equally distinctive.

Just about all a skunk will attempt to do in protection is spray, and also you’d must work fairly laborious to get one to chunk you. Even so, it is a chance.

Hold studying and I’ll let you know extra about skunks and their interactions with individuals under.

Skunk Overview, Temperament and Habitat

Skunks are a surprisingly widespread animal in North America. Though normally most energetic in hours of lowered gentle, significantly nightfall and daybreak, some particular person skunks do present tendencies to stay energetic at night time or in full daylight.

Most skunks aren’t gregarious, and have a tendency to dwell by themselves until it’s a feminine elevating her infants.

And skunks even have a territory, or dwelling vary, that they normally inhabit for the overwhelming majority of their lives. For males this vary is about 6 six sq. miles, though bigger ranges aren’t unusual.

Females are likely to have smaller ranges than males. Skunks spend their time wandering their dwelling vary searching for meals and sometimes digging for it.

However, in any space the place skunks are widespread it’s equally widespread to see them wandering round, together with proper out into site visitors.

It’s because skunks have two issues going towards them: first, they’ve horrible eyesight.

They’ve an amazing sense of scent, and excellent listening to, however horrendous eyesight and are normally utterly unaware of something that’s farther away from them than 15 ft or so.

And second, most troubling for us, skunks transfer by the atmosphere displaying little or no concern of predators, together with individuals.

It’s because skunks have very few predators that can constantly make a cross at them due to their secret weapon!

This implies it’s hardly unusual to come across a skunk at shut vary and even see one heading straight for your home or in the direction of your pets.

Pets that are normally greater than keen to analyze the skunk in type – with disastrous outcomes!

Do Skunks Shield Their Territory?

No. Skunks not often present any territorial instincts, and are utterly content material to be left alone if another animal is shifting by their turf.

A skunk’s territory, or dwelling vary, is admittedly simply an space that it’s snug in, one that it’s going to inhabit for many of its life.

Do Skunks Act Aggressively Towards Every Different?

Typically. Skunks are usually extremely solitary, though females will generally den collectively throughout chilly winter climate.

Skunks may problem challenges or attempt to run off interlopers, however most notably, skunks won’t ever spray one another: the disgusting malodorant that’s their “ace within the gap” weapon is reserved just for predators and real threats.

Do Skunks Threaten Folks?

Sure! Skunks will threaten individuals, and normally present an intricate defensive show previous to spraying.

Skunks will growl, stomp, hiss, after which elevate their tails in a daring, dramatic warning to any creature that is likely to be silly sufficient to push their luck.

If you happen to see a skunk partaking on this habits, it’s time to get as distant as you’ll be able to as shortly as you’ll be able to until you might be within the temper for a very tough week!

Have There Been Recorded Skunk Assaults on Folks?

Sure, many! Dozens and dozens of individuals get sprayed by skunks every yr in the USA, and plenty of extra get secondary contacts due to their pets or animals that both get sprayed themselves or set off the skunk to spray and are too near the occasion.

Skunk bites aren’t fully unprecedented, however extraordinarily uncommon besides in circumstances of the skunk being cornered or dealt with, or within the case of a rabid particular person skunk.

What Will Set off a Skunk Assault on a Individual?

Skunks typically don’t wish to mess with anybody, they usually don’t need you to mess with them.

The one factor that can absolutely set off a skunk assault is you being too near the skunk, and startling it significantly.

That’s actually all there’s to it. Skunks which are afraid or really feel threatened will posture as a way to again you off, or generally they may spray instantly and ask questions later.

However as a result of skunks have such horrendous eyesight, in the event you aren’t shifting or making noise they may not even know you might be there.

There are many movies of skunks coming proper as much as individuals on trails after which shifting on with out spraying.

Simply How Sturdy is a Skunk?

Skunks aren’t very sturdy within the grand scheme of the animal kingdom. They’re sturdy sufficient to do a number of digging and roam all over, they usually do have pretty highly effective jaws with sharp enamel that would provide you with chunk.

Can Skunks Chew?

Sure, they certain can! Skunks have a tendency to not chunk, preferring to spray after which run. However in the event you have been to put palms on a skunk, nook it, or entice it then it’s potential that they may chunk you.

What Does a Skunk Assault Look Like?

A skunk “assault” is principally a comedy of errors, until the skunk is rabid. It normally appears to be like one thing like this: the skunk perceives a menace, or what it thinks is a menace, after which it’ll start its elaborate menace show as described above, growling, hissing, stamping the ft, elevating the tail, and so forth.

If you happen to don’t again off instantly, the skunk will spray. Typically, a skunk will get startled and is a bit fast on the set off, aiming and spraying immediately.

Observe that skunks are surprisingly correct, and might hit targets exactly out to 10 or 12 ft!

After this, the skunk will normally run, though they may maintain their floor, relying upon it’s a nasty odor to drive off the attacker.

Nevertheless, if a skunk is rabid it is likely to be mindlessly aggressive, charging and making an attempt to chunk and scratch.

How Do You Reply to a Skunk Assault?

There’s just one manner to answer a skunk assault, and that’s by getting away as shortly as potential and ideally with out startling the skunk. Getting sprayed is terrible, however you’ll get better ultimately.

Nevertheless, if a skunk is charging you and attempting to chunk or scratch, you will need to assume that it’s rabid, and will get away as shortly as you’ll be able to.

If you happen to can’t, protect your self with any object you’ve helpful and do all the things you’ll be able to to keep away from being bitten.

Is There Something that Works on Skunk Stink?

Let’s get actual for a second. Chances are high if in case you have a nasty interplay with a skunk it’ll lead to you getting sprayed, not bitten.

When that occurs, the next days, and possibly so long as every week or two, are going to be a nightmare of horrendous odors that can hang-out you and your own home like a ghost.

Is there something that may be finished to really eradicate skunk scent?

I gained’t get too off subject, however principally overlook about all of these dwelling cures you’ve heard of, tomato juice, lemon juice, vinegar and the like.

They don’t work on individuals, they usually don’t work on canines. You’re highest guess is a commercially produced skunk odor eliminator, or else combine up a mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish cleaning soap.

A quart of hydrogen peroxide to a cup of baking soda and a few teaspoons of dish cleaning soap will make a paste that’s surprisingly efficient at eliminating skunk odor, though it’ll take a number of purposes. This works on canines, too!

Will a Skunk Eat a Individual?!

No. Skunks are omnivores, they usually do eat animal protein. A skunk isn’t going to assault you with the intention of consuming you, though it isn’t out of the query that it would take a number of nibbles off of a useless human physique.

Can Folks Catch Illnesses from Skunks?

Sure. And most significantly, skunks can carry rabies though they aren’t prolific carriers of rabies.

Nevertheless, and some particular areas skunks are literally essentially the most generally encountered rabid animal, so hold that in thoughts.

Rabid skunks are commonest in California and some locations all through the Midwest.

Bear in mind, in the event you come into contact with a skunk that you simply assume is rabid you will need to get checked out earlier than the virus can really take maintain.

Search medical consideration instantly if you’re bitten by any skunk. Rabies is treatable if caught early, however terminal and invariably deadly in later phases.

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