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Stunningly Redefining the EDC Flashlight

The Nitecore EDC27 is an outstanding EDC flashlight, with a number of contemporary options that may change the EDC flashlight recreation for you.

“EDC” is an interesting idea, particularly when mind-surfing the concept with a prepper or survivalist’s mindset. In the event you surf Instagram and the nice on-line net for the time period “EDC dump”, you’ll discover myriad self-congratulatory cellphone pics of what individuals deem mandatory to hold with them every single day. For those of you who’re on the web for the primary time, “EDC” is an acronym for “Each Day Carry”, or the package that one has on their particular person every single day.

These EDC dump photos at all times draw my consideration for a bit; whereas there are definitely these EDC pistol hipsters who took out a second mortgage to impress others with the shiny, barely-used gear they get to publish on-line for posterity, there are additionally those that have thought the idea by way of, and have genuinely helpful gear in a well-sorted bundle. Normally, some may have a number of gearsets for his or her perceived wants in several day-to-day conditions.

Nitecore EDC27 Benchmade Mini Adamas
Two implausible every single day carry objects: a Nitecore EDC27 and a Benchmade Adamas

Properly-sorted, high quality gear is at all times the secret I try to win – or at the least get a participation ribbon in anyway. One little bit of EDC gear I discovered a very long time in the past to at all times have on my particular person is a reliable, prime quality flashlight – this accompanies a strong folding knife and a lighter as my minimal out-the-door payload.

EDC Flashlights from a Survivalist’s Perspective

I at all times have a small-to-smallish sized flashlight on my particular person once I head out the door, and a bigger, extra sturdy tactical flashlight in a pack or in my truck close by. Whereas my tried and true Streamlight Microstream is the same old companion, its tiny rechargeable AAA battery actually doesn’t have the capability to deal with long-term illumination occasions with no need a alternative battery or recharge session.

There’s no free cake; its pleasant slim profile is nice for EDC however small packaging means small battery means small runtime. To that finish, I often have an additional battery taped to the sunshine or a powerbank I can use to cost the sunshine if wanted. Since there is no such thing as a cost indicator, I’m hampered by solely with the ability to guess on the accessible cost after utilizing it a couple of instances over a few days. And after getting an EDC mild, it will get used a LOT.

EDC flashlights have at all times confirmed to be a guessing recreation for me – and I’m assuming you as properly. Do I maintain carrying a small flashlight with minimited output and capability, realizing it’s unobtrusive and fulfills nearly all every day mild necessities – but realizing that if there was a devoted catastrophe with a grid-down state of affairs, I’d higher have a greater possibility or a plan B within the illumination world able to roll close by.

So there it’s – carry a small flashlight with low(er) output and low runtime and low profile for comfort, or be dragged down by carrying a extra highly effective, longer-lasting flashlight and coping with its specialised batteries and bigger dimensions? Aye, there’s the rub. 

Or, reasonably, aye, that WAS the rub….

The EDC Flashlight Revolution – Enter the Nitecore EDC27

At SHOT Present 2023, I noticed quite a lot of flashlights. So many who certainly, they ran collectively in blurred black barrels in my reminiscence and nearly none of them stood out. Nevertheless, one actually did, and I noticed it on the Nitecore sales space.

The stunning girls on the SHOT Nitecore sales space noticed me scanning their very revolutionary alternatives – largely I used to be taking a look at their new massive energy banks which appeared nice, however after speaking to me and asking me what me within the flashlight world, they steered me over to the flashlight space and handed me a recreation changer of a flashlight.

The Nitecore EDC27 they slid into my palms was so drastically completely different that it caught in my thoughts, and I didn’t actually have any time to essentially have a look at it and respect all it needed to provide. I exchanged playing cards with the NItecore crew and touched base with them by way of e mail a number of weeks later.

Nitecore EDC27
You can also get a Nitecore EDC27 delivered to your door!

We had a couple of very cordial emails forwards and backwards, and shortly a brand new Nitecore EDC27 was in my mailbox. Within the weeks after I left SHOT, I’d type of forgotten what the EDC27 was about. Only a second with the glossy EDC27 in my arms and all of it got here dashing again: the EDC27 is an absolute recreation changer of an every single day carry flashlight. 

Let’s dig into what makes the Nitecore EDC27 properly price your consideration.

The Nitecore EDC27 and Its Options

Two options of the Nitecore EDC27 fly within the face of normal flashlight conference. The primary function one appreciates whereas holding an EDC27 is the dimensions and form. The place most tactical or EDC flashlights are spherical within the physique to accommodate tubular batteries, the EDC27 is wider and flat on its sides, with a hard and fast inner battery with a capability of 1,700 mAh.

The principle portion of the EDC27’s PVD titanium-coated physique is simply over a half-inch in thickness (0.56”), making it considerably much less substantial than most tactical flashlights, which routinely run 1”-1 ⅛” thick our bodies to accommodate chonky CR123 or 18650 batteries. 

Nitecore EDC27 2
Palm-sized and highly effective.

My helpful Stanley tape measure says the EDC27 is a shade over 1 ⅛” large, and about 5 5/16” lengthy from the 2 tail-mounted button controls out again to the impact-resistant lens that protects two Luminus SST40 LED emitters out entrance. The rear finish of the flashlight does get thicker out again, about ⅞” thick if you bear in mind the very sturdy detachable pocket clip and the additional bulk required for the real-time OLED Show.

Nitecore EDC27 Thickness flat clip
The flattened profile of the Nitecore EDC27 helps the sunshine in its meant responsibility

Yep, I mentioned show, which brings us to the second game-changing function of the Nitecore EDC27: it has a show constructed into the aspect – the large flat physique of the sunshine makes an ideal location. At roughly 1/2” large x 1/4” tall, you’re not going to be watching the Bruins recreation on this little show. Nevertheless, the show offers you all of the information required to maintain you updated on the efficiency of your Nitecore EDC27.

Maybe the best addition to an EDC flashlight because the pocket clip, the OLED show of the Nitecore EDC27 retains you completely up to date in your flashlight. Whilst you can’t choose between the capabilities by way of a devoted change, as you employ the options of the EDC27 the display screen immediately updates. 

The tiny display screen will present the next info: lock standing, output degree standing, battery cost degree by way of each a small image of a battery (very very like a cellphone) in addition to the accessible voltage of the battery. As you turn between the output settings, it’ll additionally let you already know the output degree displayed in lumens, in addition to the overall runtime left within the flashlight on the present output setting. 

Nitecore EDC27 Voltage
The EDC27’s show display screen offers tons data, together with present cost degree of the batteries.

A easy show gadget offers an unimaginable quantity of details about your flashlight; earlier than you stroll out the door for the day (or eternity) you may know in case your battery wants a top-off or if it has enough juice left in its cell to maintain you operating on your day.

Absolute genius! As you flip by way of Nitecore’s web site, you’ll discover that a number of of their flashlights are beginning to boast these shows; I predict as time goes on you’ll see this function crop up on new designs of flashlights in every single place; it’s that good.

Easy Controls

Except for the OLED display screen revelation, the opposite favourite function of mine is the Nitecore EDC27’s controls. Many tactical/EDC flashlights bestow upon its customers a mess of switches, tail caps, buttons, a number of faucets, and bezel twists to offer a light-weight’s varied options.

Way back I gave up on ever shopping for lights with a number of management areas – for a light-weight that can be utilized with gloves on and/or in excessive stress conditions, one location and utter simplicity is the secret for me. 

Nitcore EDC27 Screen
A fast faucet of the taller button modifications the EDC27’s output ranges, and the display screen informs you of the presently chosen degree.

Nitecore will need to have been studying my thoughts, for they provide two buttons – each positioned on the tailcap. The principle button, which protrudes out of the physique about an eighth of an inch, offers the consumer with the primary performance of switching the ability on and off, in addition to the output choice.

With the sunshine off, a full push down turns the sunshine on and off on the final remembered output setting. A half-push of the button (there’s a noticeable “hitch” within the button’s motion) cycles the output ranges – 15, 65, 200, and 1,000 lumens. 

The second, flush-mounted button is a bit bigger, and offers the specialty choices: If the sunshine is off, a full push will activate the dizzying 3,000 lumen strobe. A half-push will activate the “Turbo” 3,000 lumen mode.

It’s essential to maintain holding the button right down to maintain this output degree operating – and the display screen reveals a bar-type timer – when it runs all the way in which out, the sunshine robotically throttles again output to the 1,000 lumen degree in an effort to protect battery life and fight warmth buildup. 

The Nitecore EDC27 additionally presents two glorious lockout modes to make sure the sunshine received’t unintentionally activate whereas being carried in  your pocket. Lockout one nonetheless lets you activate the strobe and turbo capabilities if wanted, whereas the second lockout utterly deactivates the buttons and the sunshine is just not accessible to make use of with out going by way of the unlock process. It’s a slick setup and welcome in an EDC mild.

The Remainder of the Particulars

The Nitecore EDC 27’s listing of options after the above are comparatively commonplace fare EDC mild additions: a sturdy (and removable) chrome steel belt/pack/webbing clip, IPX4 water resistance ranking and 1m affect resistance, lanyard loop (a part of the clip), coated and sealed USB-C charging port, and durable casing with ample knurling for traction in moist, muddy, or bloody circumstances.

Nitecore EDC27 Screen
Runtime ranges are additionally handily displayed.

The marketed runtime of the sunshine at its varied output ranges is as follows, all assuming a full battery cost, used solely at that degree: 

15 Lumens/55 Candela: 37 hours
65 Lumens/270 Candela: 11 hours
200 Lumens/840 Candela: 3 hours, 45 minutes
1,000 Lumens/4,340 Candela: 1 hour, 45 minutes
3,000 Lumens/12,200 Candela not listed, personally however timed at 10 seconds earlier than throttling again output

I timed the 1,000 Lumen output setting from a full cost and received 1 hour, 34 minutes, for what it’s price. The small-ish 1,700 mAh battery (3,000 mAh and up is beginning to be commonplace for tactical lights with 18650 batteries) limits general life however when you can dwell with maintaining your luminescent ranges low, it has a really helpful lifetime – and keep in mind, you may examine on the faucet of a button how a lot juice you have got left remaining.

Nitecore EDC27 brightness 200 lumens
The Nitecore EDC27’s 200 lumen output at 75 yards’ distance

The Nitecore EDC27 is marketed as having a 220 meter throw distance on the full 3,000 lumen setting. At an area 200 yard sandpit take a look at, I can say that you just CAN illuminate at that vary, however the mild’s large, flood-type beam isn’t going to do you any favors within the goal identification division – it’s meant to be extra of an area space mild, which it is vitally good at.

Nitecore EDC27 brightness Turbo
The three,000 lumen “turbo” mode definitely brightens issues up.

The Nitecore EDC27 in Motion

Nitecore was beneficiant sufficient to let me have the EDC27 for an prolonged time frame earlier than I wrote this evaluation, in order that I may use the sunshine as my main carry mild and actually dig in to its usefulness. Right here’s my evaluation after 4 months of EDC carry with the Nitecore EDC27.

From the second you seize the sunshine for the primary time, you actually discover and respect the sunshine’s large, flat profile. The sunshine orients itself in your hand naturally within the flesh between your palm and the second knuckle, and its texture and design traits means it stays there with no points, even when moist. 

The flattened design lends itself very properly to an EDC front-pocket carry – the strategy I primarily used. Going from a diminutive Streamlight Microstream to this bigger mild positively took some getting used to, however since it’s no thicker than the Streamlight the transition was straightforward. The actual difficulty I had with the sunshine for every single day carry was the size.

[amazon box =”B07DLZXZV1″

The light itself took up a lot of real estate deep in the pocket and printed when sitting, which is really no big deal. However, the light rides high and sits out of the pocket a solid inch. The buttons are fully exposed and easily bumped on – so the lock feature was handy and a good idea.

However, when you have to unlock the light just to use a low power setting, the process can be a bit tedious – though it doesn’t take long. Sometimes you don’t need a strobe or 3,000 lumens just to pick your dropped car keys up off the ground on a dark night.

The business end of the Nitecore EDC27.

However, in chatting with the Nitecore rep, I was assured that they are introducing out a shorter version of the Nitecore EDC27, which I would absolutely relish – hopefully the pocket clip mounting location can be moved a bit to allow lower, more protected carry.

The Nitecore EDC27 certainly attracted its fair share of attention, mostly good but some bad. I was in an art museum and a security guard stopped me because he thought it was a folding knife in my pocket, when weapons weren’t allowed in the building. Once I showed it to the officer I was obviously cleared, but just know it’s a possibility going in; people aren’t used to seeing wide, flat lights.

My flashlight nerd buddies loved the EDC27, especially the flat profile and the control setup and the minimal amount of hassle to actuate the light. A state trooper friend enjoyed the traction of the flat design, and noted it was a perfect shape, size, and design to allow for kubaton-style wrist holds.

It was a thought that hadn’t occurred to me, but he’s absolutely right. The light isn’t, in my opinion, a tactical or defensive light, with no crenellations or protected lenses for bezel strikes – but used properly in a manner that protects the lens, its stainless steel construction and carbon fiber interior chassis are certainly up for a little rough-’n’-tumble time. 

As I stated before, the beam generated from the two LED emitters is focused for a large, wide area of illumination. There are no appreciable hot spots, just a well-designed flood beam that is excellent for close-in duty. Walking my dogs down an abandoned railroad trail at night, the EDC27 provides more than enough light at its 200 lumen setting to keep the area around you well lit.

The EDC27 also was aces while working on a transmission under my car – its flat profile meant the light wasn’t rolling away anywhere, and the knurling on the sides of the body provided adequate grip when my hands were covered in transmission fluid.

How Has the Nitecore EDC27 Held Up?

After several months of serious EDC use, I can say that the Nitecore EDC27 has earned my respect. I am very hard on gear that comes with me everywhere – I don’t baby functional tools – and the EDC27 has plenty of scratches and scuffs but still comes up swinging. The light has been dropped in water, dropped down stairs by my 9-year-old boy, dragged across asphalt while I was underneath cars, left on a hot stove accidentally, and it has been a camping light on a couple trip occasions.

The Nitecore EDC27 has stood up to the abuse and has earned my respect. So much so that I misplaced my old Streamlight Microstream  – my previous standard against which I hold all EDC flashlights – and I don’t even care. The Nitecore EDC 27 is a winner.

I’ll be looking on Nitecore’s website to keep an eye open for a smaller version of the EDC27, but for me, this light is now my go-to flashlight. Its innovative design features, blended with an excellent ruggedness mean that I don’t need to compromise on the EDC light choice. I can grab the Nitecore EDC27 and be confident that almost all my bases are covered in the hand-held flashlight world, and that truly means a lot to me. 

A Nitecore EDC27 retails for about $90 USD, and I will tell you without hyperbole that this light is worth every penny. Get you one. If you don’t like it I’ll buy it off you.

Now…how do I get a pressure switch and mount it to an AR?


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