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Totally different Varieties of Shotguns Defined

Various kinds of actions and gauges

Types of Shotguns blued featured
A double-barreled shotgun, in any other case often known as a side-by-side: Sadly, American doubles have dried up. This single-trigger 12 Ga. is a CZ, at present manufactured in Turkey.

This publish on various kinds of shotguns is for much less skilled shooters however it might make clear some murky shotgun particulars for these with extra set off time. Take “gauges” for instance. Even the most recent gun house owners are prone to grasp the idea of millimeters because of the ever present 9mm. Its relationship to different widespread pistol “calibers” is just about a given.

Therefore most perceive the 10mm Auto is a “larger” cartridge; giant sufficient to generate extra recoil and require a sized-up gun. Identical for the connection of a .223/5.56 NATO cartridge to the stronger .308 Winchester (see .223 vs .308 for an in-depth evaluation). The variations are obvious each by numbers and an informal comparability.

Following the identical logic, a 12 gauge shotgun “shell” (cartridge) ought to be bigger than a ten gauge – as ought to the gun. However that’s not the case.

Really, the gauge system works the alternative of calibers and millimeters. A ten gauge shell is bigger – as in “fatter” – than a 12 gauge. Might be longer, too. As such, it’ll require an even bigger gun – an excellent factor in gentle of the mighty ten’s recoil. Some shotgunners take the sting off the kick of a ten gauge, or stouter 12 ga. masses, by capturing gas-operated autoloaders and different methods to scale back shotgun recoil. Others commerce some recoil for the reliability of a pump.

In the meantime, these exterior the bubble could also be questioning in the event that they’re burning common or unleaded – additionally, which grade “pumps” higher. As for the bass-ackwards gauge system, the checklist consists of others, such because the smaller 28 gauge and .410 bore – which is definitely a caliber.

Confused but?

Add to this the varied shell-lengths, shot-sizes, weights, powder prices, and pattern-regulating chokes. It’s all in regards to the lingo.

However the place to start out? Let’s start with, maybe, probably the most neglected grey space of all – the distinction between a rifle and a shotgun!

Shotguns and the Gauge System

I lined this in a earlier article, excerpted right here to elucidate the variations.

“The dialog begins with the distinction between a rifle (or handgun), and “smoothbore” shotgun.

Rifles are designed to fireplace single projectiles depending on exact barrel engagement and gyroscopic stability to stop the erratic results of bullet tumbling. The bullet’s nose-forward flight is maintained via “rifling”; a collection of spiral grooves reduce into the bore’s floor that correspond with the diameter of the bullet – its “caliber.”

The necessity to “gauge” projectiles to their barrels predates rifling, and the smoothbore system – used for shotguns – was primarily based on weight. These days a quarter-pounder equals a considerable dose of ldl cholesterol, however in years passed by, an brisk shoulder-fired instance supplied a method to passive ponderous pachyderms – for these with the fortitude to endure its Newtonian results.

In spherical type its lead projectile, if “gauged” to slide via the bore, would weigh 4-ounces. At four-to-the-pound, per the British “Gauge “system, it will thus be categorised as a four-bore – or 4-Gauge. The “smaller” however nonetheless formidable 8-bore was the higher restrict for many shooters. Fortunately, these large spheres ultimately gave strategy to lighter large-caliber bullets, stabilized by rifled barrels. However the gauge system endured for smoothbore shotgun barrels supposed to shoot a number of projectiles often known as shot pellets.”

Types of Shotguns Muzzles
The enterprise ends of a shotgun and rifle: The smoothbore 12 ga. (L) is fitted with an interchangeable choke tube. A detailed take a look at the muzzle of the.30-caliber barrel will reveal its rifled bore.

So, there’s the reason of a “shotgun.” Some are produced with rifled bores for the specific function of capturing “slugs” (strong bullet-like projectiles), however they occupy a specialty-niche reserved primarily for giant sport (primarily in shotgun-only areas). The overwhelming majority are true “shotguns,” offered in a number of in style actions and gauges.

Extra About Gauges

In the present day’s largest widespread “gauge” is the ten, though the 12 ga. is extra in style and versatile. Of their descending sizes, the others are 16, 20 (subsequent hottest), 28, and the tiny .410-bore. All besides the 16 are additionally out there as “magnums,” lengthened variations with elevated payloads – and recoil.

The usual size of a 12 ga. shell is 2 ¾-inches. A feistier 3-inch magnum can shoot a heavier payload, however these masses are solely secure when fired in a 3-inch chamber. For that reason, in accordance with trade requirements, at present’s shotguns show the gauge and chamber size.

different shotguns gauges lined up
An assortment of widespread shotgun shells in (L-R) 12, 16, 20, 28 ga., and .410-bore. The lineup consists of longer magnum variations in 12, 20 and .410-bore (not proven is the ten gauge).

The excellent news: In case your barrel is stamped, say, 12 ga. 2 ¾” or 3” (more and more widespread), it will possibly safely hearth both load. This functionality offers a lot larger versatility, particularly if the gun will operate with lighter masses. However that could be depending on the design of the shotgun – its motion – the topic we’ll look at subsequent.

5 Widespread Shotgun Actions

Quite a few novel shotgun designs have appeared through the years, and a few stay in manufacturing. That’s additionally true of ammunition – however good luck finding a field of 32 gauge or 9mm rimfire shotshells. Identical for repairs and components. The weapons you’ll see listed below are way more widespread, the kinds a potential proprietor could be prone to encounter. And the checklist kicks off with the only of all.

Single-shot Break-barrel Designs

Peruse the native gun store and also you’ll probably encounter some kind of break-barrel shotgun within the “used” rack, probably for an reasonably priced value. These weapons are easy designs and in addition ambidextrous. Energetic controls sometimes encompass only a barrel-latch and exterior hammer. Manipulation of the latch (normally a small lever) releases the barrel, permitting it to pivot muzzle-down, for simple entry of the chamber.

To load, insert a shell and swing the barrel shut. When prepared to fireplace, cock the hammer and press the set off. Relying on the design, the fired shell might require guide extraction, or be kicked clear by an computerized ejector. One considerably fiddly concern is secure reducing of a cocked hammer; required if the quick shot is not forthcoming.  

SB 113 Types of Shotguns HR 780x207 1
Single shot break-barrels like this fundamental H&R had been constructed by the hundreds of thousands, and lots of are nonetheless in circulation as “used” weapons. Observe the barrel latch behind the hammer – an ambidextrous design.

Produced in giant portions by a lot of producers within the widespread gauges, excluding a couple of higher-end competitors (entice) fashions, almost all are pedestrian examples – which doesn’t rule out their usefulness. They’ll hearth almost any load with no considerations over reliability – and cash left over for shells.

And, as soon as their hammers are mastered, they’re comparatively secure. Pop the motion open and you’ll inform at a look if the gun is loaded. For more information, right here’s a hyperlink that discusses gauges, shell choices and helpful single shot shotguns.

A pair “kickers” are their gentle weight, which might exacerbate recoil – and just one shot. Additionally, at present’s present decisions are considerably restricted. Numerous good used weapons although, constructed by H&R, New England Arms, and many others.

Double Weapons

This class encompasses side-by-side (SxS), and over & beneath (O/U) designs. These weapons make use of hinged actions that function equally to the above single pictures, however almost all have inside hammers.

side by side and over/under shotguns
A pair of single-trigger Italian doubles: The SxS 12 Ga. Beretta (prime) has auto-ejectors and a barrel selector. The O/U .410 Rizzini beneath it’s equally geared up. Each additionally function equally.

Aspect-by-side. Even most non-shooters can envision a “double-barreled shotgun,” the traditional double-gun. Extraordinarily in style throughout the post-Civil Battle interval, by the late 1800s exterior “hammer weapons” had given strategy to enclosed “hammerless” designs. Throughout this period doubles had been mainstay decisions for protection, subsistence or sporting functions, and their barrels supplied two “choke” choices (muzzle constrictions utilized to manage shot patterns).

However the look of dependable magazine-fed repeaters throughout the early 1900s led to a fast decline in SxS gross sales. In the present day’s pickings are nonetheless lean, and almost all come from offshore sources of various high quality. The unique two-trigger design ought to present larger reliability attributable to its impartial firing mechanism. Single-trigger variations (my choice) are additionally out there, however their complexity makes them a more sensible choice for pricier weapons.

double barrel shotgun
A fundamental 12 Ga. SxS with two triggers and plain extractors. Reliability is improved via the gun’s KISS design.

Over & Below. This design, which caught on throughout the Nineteen Thirties, accounts for the overwhelming majority of at present’s double gun gross sales. The one sighting airplane of an O/U is taken into account a plus and the design gives a couple of different benefits for aggressive goal shooters and upland chook hunters. Two choke choices are instantly out there, and a correctly balanced double (of both kind) is usually a pleasure to deal with. Many are geared up with barrel-selectors, auto-ejectors, and auto-reset safeties (widespread amongst discipline weapons).

pair of over and under shotguns
A pair of single-trigger O/U shotguns with selectable barrels: The selectors are seen within the sliding safeties, each “on secure”, set to fireplace the primary shot from the underside barrel.

Double weapons are comparatively secure (and ambidextrous) designs that may hearth all kinds of masses – with a quick second shot via two totally different chokes. However count on to get what you pay for. Past considerations over high quality, some bargain-priced choices deal with extra like truck axles and will have poorly regulated barrels. I’m nonetheless a sucker for a well-built double gun, however extra pictures and larger utility can be found for much less cash via a fundamental pump.  

Slide-actions – or Pumps

The looks of Winchester’s Mannequin 1897 “slide-action repeater” opened a brand new chapter in shotguns. Its reciprocating breech bolt fed shells to the chamber from a tubular journal beneath the barrel. A sliding forend powered the bolt via the “pumping” motion of the shooter. The M-97 featured an exterior hammer, however enclosed-hammer designs (like Winchester’s Mannequin 12) quickly adopted.

The elevated firepower (dictated by the size of the journal), mixed with reliability and reasonably priced prices, led to gross sales by the million. Produced since 1950, Remington’s Mannequin 870 alone accounts for eleven million (nonetheless going). Like many different designs, its commonplace capability is 4 +1 (together with the chamber). Some could also be “plugged” to 2 +1, per federal waterfowl regs, however might be simply reversed.

shotgun with different barrels
Versatility via this 12 ga. Remington M-870 Categorical, fitted with a spare smoothbore slug barrel. The unique 3″ magnum, 28″ chook barrel (on the case) accepts interchangeable chokes. Left-handed variations can be found.

Most pumps are user-serviceable, and lots of will settle for spare barrels appropriate for sporting, homesteading, or defensive functions. Accessible with interchangeable chokes, in almost the entire in style gauges, most can even hearth magnum shells. As a complete, they’re dependable, load-friendly, and priced inside the attain of many shooters. Protected operation (loading and unloading) does require some apply, and most aren’t utterly ambidextrous, however LH variations can be found. 

Semiautomatics (autoloaders)

The identical genius of John Browning, that gave us the Mannequin 1897 Pump and Superposed Over & Below, additionally supplied a profitable gateway to semiautomatic shotguns. Nonetheless in use at present, Browning’s recoil-powered design is one among three generally encountered actions. Like pumps, they feed through tubular magazines, however are known as “autoloaders” as a result of their bolts reciprocate robotically. Every shot – one per set off pull – initiates the sequence, eliminating the necessity for guide biking.  

Lengthy-recoil Browning’s unique circa-1905 Auto-5 “humpback” design; the bolt is cycled via direct contact with the barrel, pushed rearward via the power of a discharged shell. This motion additionally compresses springs used to finish the biking sequence. Ultimately, different producers marketed streamlined receivers with out the telltale hump, a few of which developed to “gas-guns” – that generated much less recoil. 

semi-auto shotgun
Remington’s gas-operated Mannequin 1100 autoloader was a giant hit. Famend for its gentle recoil, it set the stage for competing variations. This instance is a 12 ga. M-1100 2 3/4″ sporting mannequin.

Fuel-operated. The introduction of Remington’s Mannequin 1100 throughout 1963 sparked a brand new period of softer-shooting autoloaders. Recoil was decreased by a stationary barrel, with small ports, that redirected ignition stress – gasoline – in opposition to a piston, which drove the bolt-assembly. This sequence staged the recoil impulse, offering a perceived discount – and the design ran reliably with cheap upkeep.

The Mannequin 1100 was offered in 2 ¾” or 3” Magnum variations, however introduction of Remington’s M-1187 (in 1987) set the stage for an autoloader that might hearth each varieties interchangeably. In the present day, this functionality is way more widespread. Many present gasoline weapons will digest a variety of shells from gentle goal masses to the heaviest magnums. 

disassembled shotgun parts
One other gas-operated system: Beretta’s self-regulating AL-390 might shoot gentle 2 3/4″ masses or 3″ Magnums. Its piston is seen to the left of the barrel collar. Extra gasoline is bled off through the spring-loaded valve to its proper. The system has since developed to the current A300, however this gun has reliably digested hundreds of shells.

Inertial. Benelli popularized this design, which drastically simplifies operate and upkeep. No reciprocating barrel or gasoline system; as a substitute, the motion cycles through a two-piece bolt meeting with a stout spring sandwiched in between. The results of recoil lock a separate bolthead to the chamber till stress subsides; at which level the inertially-compressed spring takes over, driving the entire meeting rearward. Like different autoloaders, the bolt completes the feeding cycle via the decompression of a stout recoil spring, however gas-related fouling is conspicuously absent.

camo Venelli M-2
Observe the minimalist forend of this Benelli M-2. An inertial design, it runs with none gasoline system. Fewer components translate to much less weight. In principle it ought to kick extra, however the Consolation-tech inventory serves as an efficient shock absorber. Shoots clear, too.

Autoloading shotguns operate via a stability of recoil (or stress) Vs springs. And, as a complete, they work remarkably effectively with appropriate (as in really helpful) masses – and a correct cleansing routine. Most that stop endure from neglect. Fuel weapons are normally the softest shooters. Inertial weapons might be snappier, however some with shock-absorbing shares (like these from Benelli) are almost as snug – much more so than the unique long-recoil designs.  Browning’s newest A-5 has the acquainted hump however is now inertial.


This class covers “tactical” pumps (KSGs and S&Ws) and AR or AK-type semiautos, together with sporting-type combination-guns (rifle/shotgun), bolt-actions, lever-actions – and even revolvers. Some have worth for specialty functions however there are higher one-gun, basic function, decisions.

Parting Photographs

Shotgun 870 Combo
Just about every part lined via this plain Jane M-870, together with protection. The 4 +1 capability may very well be elevated via the set up of an prolonged journal. Comparable mixtures can be found from Mossberg – and others.

I shoot a smattering of double weapons, however my mainstay shotguns are autoloaders – Beretta gasoline weapons chosen to attenuate recoil with out compromising reliability. But when I might solely personal one gun? It must be a fundamental pump; a 3” 12 Gauge, if potential, with a spare barrel. For those who select a Reming 870, it’s fairly straightforward to show it right into a tactical shotgun when you select to later.

Go this route and every part that flies, crawls or walks is truthful sport inside cheap distances – actually out to 100-yards with a well-aimed slug. I’d go along with a Remington Mannequin 870 Categorical geared up with a 26 or 28” chook barrel, and spare rifle-sighted slug barrel.

However that’s simply me, primarily based on intensive skilled expertise with a big stock of those time-tested shotguns. There are actually different nice picks from Mossberg, and many others. They usually’ll run with absolutely anything you’ll be able to stuff in ‘em.

870 Express Tact
Identical M-870 motion, configured for protection. Efficient choices embody buckshot or slugs. The latter will decisively cease nearly any menace, whether or not two or four-legged.

Extra Mysteries?

Get a deal with on the myriad load potentialities and also you’re off to the races. Because it seems, there are even common and “unleaded” choices. However, given the associated vernacular, checking out the small print might be complicated, so right here’s a begin:

Shotgun Shot Sizes and Drams Defined (  

Subsequent up recoil; a authentic concern for some potential shotgunners, particularly within the bigger gauges. However once more, options can be found. This hyperlink is all about kick:

5 Straightforward Methods to Scale back Shotgun Recoil (

As for chokes, standby: They’ll be lined in an upcoming publish. In the meantime, for extra about shotguns (together with the subjects lined above), right here’s a hyperlink to Shotguns: A Complete Information:


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